Higrade thc tester

Okay so I did a bit of digging and I think the way to go is thin layer chromatography (TLC).

I own a medical company and myself am a paramedic, I work at large music festivals and am part of a federal harm reduction team that advocates for proper testing at these type of events.
We use multiple different technologies to test drugs and TLC is a very popular option so to see that this is now available for cannabis it would be the way i would go.

It’s a bit of a little process but you can do it fairly affordably and the science is solid.

As for tcheck and highgrade I wouldnt recommend them as they are over priced.
High grade I don’t trust their results or their technology and tcheck is wildy expensive for what it is thanks to great marketing.

These TLC test work on edibles as well.

There are many options of websites that will sell you this type of kit and lots of supplies so find one that you choose.


Thanks @Nicky. I’m going to do some reading and research on TLC this weekend.

Tired of testing an edible and ending curled up on the couch in a fetal position trying to figure out were my potency calculations went wrong :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


I’m just gonna keep relying on my good’ole “smoke tester” to determine what’s what. I don’t need fancy gizmos that irradiate your brain and take over all your thinking, then walking you into traffic unknowing where you take your last bus ride spread out allover the front bumper.

I’m sure if they had implants, allot less people would be crashing or getting run over.


Lol okay @Shatter

@emgoldslo sounds good, look at a couple different kits and then you will start to get an idea of what a good kit includes and what a good price is. Regardless of who’s selling it.
It’s basic lab equipment that really anyone can package and sell, of course fancy kits are going to be much more expensive but they are all doing the same test with the same devices.

The one thing I think seems to be critical is the reference cars that you compare your sample to next comes the pipettes (a variable one would be sweet)

After a quick search I think the best option I have found at a good price is by CANNALYTICS not the basic kit but the next step up.

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Might need to read that again when I test my next batch of edibles :sweat_smile:

If my nose tickles, and I sneeze… we got some good smoke!

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You can also look at tricombs…

Someone post a pic of your own buds tricombs and I’ll follow it with a pic, we will see who looks like they have more potent weed :smirk_cat:


@Nicky - liking the looks on the CANNALYTICS compared to a few others. But I’m either missing something or their marketing/sales is deceptive.

The 20-25 test kit is $149.
The 40-50 test kit is $289. $140 more than the lesser kit. Yet, the 20-25 test kit refill is $99.

So for $149 + $99 = $248 I get the same supplies as the kit they are charging $289. $41 cheaper.

Am I missing something???

Full discloser - I took a ML of tincture to test potency for gummies. Not curled in the fetal position but maybe affecting my comprehension a little :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna run some Granddaddy Purple through my supercritical BHO extractor and I bet that will break the needle!
I’ve always taken every extreme to the extreme, wish me luck, I might hurt myself this time from THC exposure! (THCE)
I’m the kind of guy responsible for all the warning labels…


Stay frosty


To be honest I seen the same thing and couldn’t make sence of it so was going to just buy the 20/25 kit when I’m flush again then get refills from whoever doesn’t even have to be them

They just include the good reference card and pipette + the other things you need to get started.
Heck you can probably buy the chemicals from a supplier.

Maybe get in touch with them and report back?

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OK, just ordered the CANNALYTICS kit. 20-25 tests.

I emailed them some questions on testing gummies and alcohol tincture. They replied within a couple hours. Based on decent customer service I decided to give them a try.

Neighbor works for a dispensary and is going to get me a couple buds from 2 different strains for me to test and see how close I get to the lab results. Going to be a blind test as I won’t have an info on them before I test.

I figured if results are acceptable I’ll either order refill kits from them or look around for cheaper.

Will post my results!

Thanks for the research @Nicky


You have Netflix?

Go watch examined season 1 episode 12
Then watch Rotten season 2 episode 6

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I do. I have a quite week coming up at work so will watch them this week!

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I’d be interested to know the the results!

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Anyone else following this I think @Nicky meant Explained season 1 episode 12, not Examined.

Great shows!!! I really enjoyed the Rotten Episode. Thanks!

I did mean explained haha!
Good watches eh.

How did this ever turn out?


It’s all here @OneMannGang