High yield "super autos" Triple XL fem

I’ve just pulled off my biggest auto ever this weekend. No idea on dry weight yet obviously but I’m thinking it could be nearly an lb. to
Me that’s a lot for a little auto that goes so quickly.


Also I should say that this monster auto was super slow getting started. I started it in may and it was still tiny in June. Like pathetic. I was gonna start new seeds and yank these. Then they started flowering and just turned into monsters. It’s like as they stretched they added bud sites and just packed it on. Seriously they looked like crap for the first 5 or more weeks


This girl stayed less than 3" tall for first 4½ weeks or so, then preflower hit and that week she grew about 6". She is a tight 2 feet now. Sprout June 27, flower day 24…

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It looks like you have a bad infestation from the sticky pads. You need to get that taken care of quick. They almost destroyed my three girls.

Allready added Neem oil de earth and getting more sand to cover it and mosquito bits to soak tomorrow that should nan It they were in the soil before I planted unfortunately

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I have, I tried 8 Big Devil XXL this spring outdoor and didn’t get as much plant or yield as an IlGM White Widow auto.

In my opinion, Autoflowers from only proven strains are worth my time. The latest greatest newest auto usually ain’t got anything on the Widow, Glue and others.

Coming from northern lights big bud and green crack those r pretty established strains and others have had great yeilds so fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

Sure great strains, but how long ago was all these jumbled up? How many years has it been grown. If we don’t know, it ain’t proven yet.

@Not2SureYet, you have grown the triple xl auto right?

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I have read a few grow diarys personally and it comes from I49 they have a map of the lineage provided on the link all the way back to it’s original pairing with ruderaliss.i did quite a bit of research before I dropped the money I’m a big skeptic in most things but from what I’ve seen and heard from other friends that have grown various seeds from the same bank I’m now convinced there that thang💯

Well, I got some skunk#1 regular from I 49 that has Herm in the gene pool so in my opinion that seed bank is selling inferior genetics.

Maybe you got the best seed in the world, time will tell. Doubt it though and it’s unproven as it’s so new.

I have done the TXL autos. Best so far was 13 1/2 oz I haven’t done a ww my self yet. But have seen some monsters. The Critical Purple auto is one that is super consistent for me in the 12 - 13oz range. I did a big bud that was 9oz. One of my best looking plants for sure, auto wise. Big colas. I have seen a few in here that grow some really nice autos. My memory sucks though :worried:


Big bud

I am working on this Critical purple now


Apparently my memory not as bad as I thought, thanks!

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I doubt it’s the “best seed in the world” but I have a few close friends and family members that have ordered seeds from i-49 throughout the last years and have had nothing but success with all the autos. As a breeder myself that has worked with plant gene mapping development just because a seed is new on the market by no means it is new. To secure stable genetics all the back traits have to be bred out which usually takes five generations. The predecessor jeans to this strain and variations has been around for years, noted on multiple high yielding Auto lists, with the Northern lights#5.(grandfather plant)If you remember the Mendel’s pea square for genetics of pea pods with 4 boxs by capital and lower case letters. Most mutations are typically undesirable, but every now and then they form a beneficial desired trait/pheno. The genetic traits desired that made this plant have been combined many times being backbred overtime forming a new line of phenotypes resulting in the haze auto XL, and big bud auto, which then yields the super triple XL which replaces the previous super auto XL, which allready had good results. Now the updated phenotype is improved with even higher yield and thc in a less time. If you ask me it’s sounds like the perfect time to hop into this gene line before it becomes the next GSC and the plethora of variation once stabilized. Such as the popular wedding cake and then all the variations of wedding cake.


The speed and reaction time genetically of cannabis still continues to stun me there are very few things on the planet that compare to it’s adaptation skills and evolution speed

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20 in q tent. How big the containers gonna be. That’s alot. I have 4x7x8 room and can fit 8 to 9 tops it asking for alot of wpm if u don’t keep that area well ventilated lol. That’s gonna be one full tent. Hell it’s gonna look like fat Albert does in his orange shirt lol. About to bust out the sides. I had autos from i49 bubblegum to be exact and all I did started flowering in about 29 to 35days once flower started the plant took off nice. They may seem smaller when they hit flower but usually they bust out from there. I’ve had 1 foot tall autos get 5 feet tall with minimal node spacing lol. Only about 2" most between. Good luck it gonna have it hands full bud. It gonna need alot of alcohol and scissors come harvest too lmao

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I’m only Happy to run one fan right now past the HPS and temp and humidity is on point I still have a whole nother 8 inch fan to pull out you midi if needed but the humidity is already been too low and I had to turn my dehumidifier off as well well I live humidity is not a problem. I will also not be using the trellis be using bamboo stakes instead that way I would be able to remove the plants to have access to all of them as I do work in the tent. Top growth is only supposed to be 82 in but worst case scenario I could always just take out a couple plants and putting under another light. I’m definitely going to be forced to use sea of green instead of screen of green with this though I only expected 18

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Happy Cannaversary there @Mark0427 It seems like you have been around a lot longer than a year. :+1:


I have but not coming on for a while must have reset me. Thanks buddy.


Ok, I was thinking you had been around for about 2 1/2 years. I see you every where in here :laughing: :+1:

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