High yield "super autos" Triple XL fem

Hi everyone long time since I been posting here since my transition to full time indoor grow a year and a half ago I had a year with four successful harvests learning a lot and experimenting with various yield techniques comparing notes with same genes…
Now armed with this info and experience I am tackling one of these new “super autos”, I made a hefty Investment for what is to be one of the newest strains of super auto desinged for extremely high yield, boasting up to 1000+ grams/m2(check out the stats). Allegedly 9weeks SEED TO HARVEST! The strain is SUPER AUTO TRIPLE XL FEM-from I49 net its lineage is Northern lights (know for high yields) Big bud the name says it all green crack for flavor and potency then obviously ruderaliss to make it an auto flower. I am using an amended super soil mix I made and pH and germinated seeds with a 100% success rate using a fulvic acid solution. I have 20 seedlings under a 1000watt Hps and a another 600w LED ($60 cheapo really only 150w)
5 gall cloth pots 18 on 6 off were coming into day 12 in soil. germinated in 6 hours never seen such rapid growth.
+Anyone have experience with “super autos”?
+What’s the highest yield you have got from a single auto flower?
+Anyone with experience with big bud or haze xl auto?


I have no tips, but am definitely riding asking in this one!!

Wow that’s a tent full. I really want to follow this!! :blush::blush:

There’s conflicting information on their website.

“These plants, from seed to harvest, only take about 8 or 9 weeks. Six of those are spent in the flowering stage.”


I can’t imagine any plant getting very much vegetative growth in just 2-4 weeks. But I’m just a big ol’ sceptic…


Right, usually 2 to 4 weeks is still seedling stage.

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I was so skeptical that I was afraid the seeds wouldn’t even germ after what I paid getting little tiny seeds no stripes looking old used the paper towel plate method the fastest germination I have seen is 22hrs when I returned from work and checked them no more then over 9.5 hours all were germinated with a few with taproot over inch covered in Silia (not sure if right term correct if wrong the white hairs in tap roots)
And not even 13 days 12 leafs on most 8 minimum

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I’m starting with fox farm trio working blind with this accelerated schedule today was o my there second feeding with the big bloom(starter) but the way there going I believe it’ll be safe to start adding N with the grow big by this weekend. I have a short window for veg so need to get it in l, only added blood meal for a nitrogen source in soil and it’s at a minimum

First pic after 8 hrs second 24

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No pics no proof :joy:

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Shoot, some of the grows on this forum are just phenomenal. I had 2 sprout this morning. This one seems like a fun ride!!!

Mind you max 85cm
For the first time I found myself rooting against a seed site said cover 80% germination rate or seeds back so I germinated 20 expected 15-17tops had max room for 18 but all sprouted I have never had that before
Had two that were late sprouted looking sickly was hoping they didn’t make it :joy: definitely a first but not gonna throw it away after the cost so tent is a little crowded I plan on keeping the lst minimum and using bamboo instead of trellis so I can pull out the pots to have access


I ordered from an 80% site. Got 5 Poison Berry. First two cracked in the paper towel, but rotted in the soil. Third’s a charm, she sprouted this morning and getting potted in a few weeks.

4 weeks - began flowering almost exactly at 30 days old:


3 weeks - not flowering (yet)


Autos can do some amazing stuff. Neither of these boasted “fast” flowering though, I’ll be curious to tag along for this grow, too. I love the idea behind autos.

This is Just day 13 from germination
(Putting down sand for fungus gnats)

I will be starting a grow diary when I have time soon I’ll share link when up guys

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I’ve read a few grow diarys of other with similar strains and had huge results with very basic techniques. Plants in week 3/4 not flowering yet looking like what most photoperiod/clone would be at week 8/9

I do to, except reality did not meet neither my expectations or my needs.

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Yeah, that’s what I’m super curious about. I’m putting my photo plant into flower in two days - provided I can get her foliage looking good again in that span of time - to flower alongside my two flowering autos. With luck it’ll be a good harvest between all three. Just hoping the photo isn’t carrying all the weight (literally)

That’s impressive. On day 13 my autos spent all their time root building. I watched it like watching paint dry.

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