High temperatures! Help!

Honestly its about controlling the temps in the room. Control it and tent temps come down. I live in South Texas with extreme heat and humidity. Our Central Air went down.

I tried the whole window ac in tent and it failed. But in the window it manages the heat with zero issues.

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My biggest concern is moving things around and shit when the plant is in the tent. As long as I don’t drop anything on her she should be okay right? Lol

So there are a lot of questions I would ask but start with this post I made. This should help you to look at your environment and see what’s the biggest factor for you at the moment as I don’t see any photos or a lot of details about the setup.

Heating and Cooling a Grow Tent

Pull her out before you readjust everything

I secure everything before getting in the tent. For example I will not wear my glasses while in the tent. Dropped them a few times and killed several plants this way.

Whoever sees this I just want to extend my utmost gratitude. I used a combination of things that I was told here. I have decided to leave the tent door open while the lights are on as well as moved it to a much more open location where she will get the proper ventilation she deserves. With your help I was able to take the 90 degree temps and drop it down to a steady 82.

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