High temperatures! Help!

Hey guys. Woke up this morning and my tent was at 90 degrees. It’s in pre flowering and I don’t want this to cause issues. I am running a 600w HPS with a dimmable ballast in a 4x4 tent. How can I lower the temps? I have a fan taking the hot air out of the fan and blowing it out of the tent. I have 3 clip fans all the mesh vents open in a closet that sees 0 light. Any ideas and help are greatly appreciated. I’ve read you should dim the light off the ballast but if this is BS I would love to know. Otherwise I’m at a stand point right now. I also have a fan blowing air in through ducting out of another room. It’s just hot where I live at the moment

The best way to accomplish this is to drop the temperature in whatever room your tent is in. Window AC, portable AC, increased air flow… LEDs…

I hope it sorts out for you soon. Good luck

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You need to vent your tent out outside and lower the temp in your lung room as @Underthestairs said AC is the best way

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Is dimming the ballist an option?

Yea I’ve been looking into that but want to try the least cost affective method first. Would lowering the light output vu the ballist be an option?

Lowering the light will reduce heat, yes. But it will also decrease the amount of light your plants are getting.

Lowering the light in flowering will affect your harvest is it possible to locate your ballast outside the tent

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As long as your ballast has a dimmer option yes you can definitely dim it down you only need 200w of power during veg once you are in flower is when you want full power or atleast close to it as stated above the room your tent is in needs cooled down more so that the fresh air being sucked into the tent is cooler also whats the cfm ratting on your exhaust fan maybe a more powerful inline is needed

If possible, you can just leave your tent open during lights on. Should drop a few degrees. My lung room runs 77°f smaller tent usually around 86. If I leave door open tent runs around 79

Is the room air conditioned? If not, make it so or get an led light.

I have the tent in a closet at the moment and I think that is one of my problems is the hot air is confined to this one room. I’m debating on dragging the tent out into the open where more air will be able to circulate

No it’s not air conditioned. It’s in a basement that is usually relatively cool with an oscillating fan

No way really? I’ve thought about that just wasn’t sure if it was the best idea or not because I didn’t want my plants to lose out on any light

I figured that. I was thinking more of a resolution to lower the heat because I don’t want the buds or pistils to fry

Of course LOL. I think majority of my problem stems from me growing in a closet

Closets can be great! Just have to manage the variables, which does often take a little equipment. Cooking the room the closet is in and venting exhaust outside will be your biggest helps here.

I use LED so it didn’t catch for me, but relocating your ballast would be a big help too.

Yea my ballast is right outside the tent. Never kept it inside. I’m also running 600 w hps bulb which run hot but 90 degrees I’m a little concerned

CFM is 195

I set up an 8000 BTU air conditioner pumping straight into my tent

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Yeah anything beyond that is above me. Sorry… good luck

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