High temperature on led grow?

Using leds. Not using co2, nor plan to. What seems to be the highest temperature without using it? How hot is your tent indoors? For example I’m running like 75-90. Trying to figure out if I could run at 80-85+ etc. So much conflicting information out there. What you running? Appreciate it much.

I try to keep it at 80f with lights on

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What he saud; And, I would be wary of going over 90. Also; Where are you measuring your temps?

When there is conflicting info, listen to the doctor, Dr Bruce Bugbee, not many people know more about growing hemp/cannabis than this man 77-86F is fine.

The whole video is worth a watch

I keep my tents at 78-80F.


We have talked about this many times on the podcast, and with our friend Brandon from Sepctrum King. It is more about Leaf surface temperature, especially with LED.


Does that mean I need the shoot the leaves with my temperature gun and adjust?

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Well, that certainly would five you some insight to how the plant is feeling.

Not sure I saw whether you were using AC, and/or any ventilation to remove heat and ot be able to dial in the temps?

check the leaf S T and see what you get.


What numbers would I be aspiring for?

LOL, now I need to get a laser temp gun so I can see what my leaf temps are as I’m curious now, always another toy to buy.


I have two… I paint for a living, in the desert. I have to know surface temps with our crazy weather. It can be 90f and metal sf can be in the 160’s. Or vice versa in the winter


I am a Auto technician, I have one temp gun and a thermal imaging camera. A $700.00 dollar temp gum dang snap on truck! Maybe I will see what they look like in the camera.


Yeah, and you can check yourself for covid. :wink:


You are looking for temps in the safe range. The concept is that even though the radiant temps of the room is “Hot”… the plant leaves might not be as hot. Lifeis in the leaves.


My best friends dad had a snap on truck when we were kids. It was like a toys r us!

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Would that be the “77-86°” ?

I prefeer 70-80f. Keep in mind, I have a portable AC, a portable dehumidifier, a 6" vortex exhaust system controlled by a tmeperatur/humidity controller.

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Thank you @latewood ! I have the same stuff except a humidifier, not de-. I don’t think I could hold those numbers here in the desert. At least not this time of year.

first. I made a typo above and corrected it.

Well, that is why I am not a fan of tents. I prefer a room that is airy, with oscillating fans and all those could machines. It took a while to get there. Is the main room outside your grow room and tent AC’d?

I like the one you have.

Can’t you just see how amazons gonna love this place with the increase of laser temp gun purchases!! :thinking::scream::joy::rofl::joy::v::sunglasses:

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