High stress training

This will be my first grow and I have been doing a lot of research but I would like opinions on a matter.I am planning on building a Nebula manifold where you would grow 8 colas instead of one but I would like to take it a step further and fim each of the 8 colas,so I would possibly have 36 colas instead of one,I would expect to have and increased vegetation time maybe a month but would it work or would that be to much?


First off I would suggest as a first grow that you not get too adventuresome. A lot of folks become overwhelmed just growing a single autoflower haha.

Some things to consider with training: what are your goals (yield, quality etc), what is your space etc. Some folks grow just to grow cannabis and others for necessary medication.

If you plan on topping/FIM’ing heavily then plan on developing a root mass capable of supporting all of those tops. You can NOT do that in a 3 gallon pot no matter the substrate.

Supercropping is considered a ‘High Stress’ method and one employed by a lot of people here. There are a whole bunch of training methods so one will eventually become your preferred method for growing. (I like to SCROG)


I’m still learning only finishing up my 2nd but I’d have to agree with @Myfriendis410 . If you’ve never grown before I would worry about that your first grow. Manifolding is an advanced way of training. I am still hitting issues/learning and that’s part of this. Good luck with your project tho.


Running a manifold the way its portrayed seems to take forever. I would fall in line with members above and try something less time consuming and easier to implement for your first grow.


Just doing LST got me like 12-16 tops now I plan on scrogging to see how that works out start off with simple them move to the big guns would use the first grow to learn the deficiencies and how your plants respond to different training techniques


I agree, HST can be rough with no experience with what the plant can take. With no experience the easiest adventure is to top and LST. If you top it at the 6 node and LST it you’ll end up with 12 colas. As mentioned scrog is ideal for what you want. With no experience as to reading what your plants want I wouldn’t do scrog yet either because you have a net over your plant.


Haha beat you too it lol

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