High, question about super cropping

Is this correct way to super cropping?

Yes looks great!

Thanks. I feel like I am hurting my girls but… gotta do something


If, when I break a branch what kind of tape will work to help heal? Also would you prune at the same time of let them go for now? I am getting pretty close to flower time maybe three weeks or so

Don’t need yo tape, but you can. Something that’s flexible and stretches.

I would recommend trimming some of the under growth before flowering yes.

Pretty plants very healthy !

Before going any further I want to make sure this is correct. Got six more to do. Thanks for all of your help…I truly appreciate you

That large one that snapped may have issue, the rest look good, but I can’t see close up.

Thank you I do spend a lot of time with them. Very relaxing and rewarding. I am in the middle of super cropping. I hope I am doing it correctly. Following the advice from people on here they know what they are doing.


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Looks darn good! Gonna be smelly pretty soon…

Yep I did snap a couple branches but over all two or three Is t too bad for a beginner! Thanks for all the insight. It worked

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