High PPM - TDS - Good PH

I kept being told to check my PPM went to Amazon bought the best looking meters.
1st did the soil mixed with distilled water, stirred for 24 plus hours strained until water was clean through filter. Looked like pee water. Tested 2220 PPM, repeated the test 2230 PPM. So had a tray with some run off, drained , filtered tested, 8350 PPM, run off PH was 5.85, the soil test was 6.6, my soil ph meter has held steady at 7. My well water is right at 500 PPM and PH 8.1 Deep well to limestone bedrock imagine why it is alkaline. I used FF Ocean Forest is main soil body w/ a mushroom compost and some CoCo, Lime and iron. I added iron pellets to boost the iron and make very dk green plants.
The good news is the plants are very healthy and growing great, just set lights at 12/12, maybe dont worry at this point. Confused why numbers are so high is all.

Added note, Liquid Fertilizer is FF Big Grow at 2 tsp per gallon half strength, fertilize 1x per week every other water basically. FF Happy Frog is my dry Fert. Veg and Flower formula I think the ? 4 - 9 -3 blend applied 2x during veg stage…
Going today to buy Beastie Bloom and Cha Cing to start fertilizer schedule to the High Phosphorus blend for flower stage. I guess my concern is over fertilizing the plants even though I have been cautious not to get over kill and stay as organic as possible.

If your growing with organic nutrients and have a healthy soil food web with a good critter population in there…bacteria and fungi they will do the heavy work eating your nutrients you add such as neem, kelp, alfalfa etc and they poop out plant available food for the fungi and roots to use.
Run off could have been artificially high for several reasons such as if residual run off from earlier was aloud to dry without rinsing out the saucer or if recent run off was left to sit in saucer while water evaporated. I really don’t check PPM or PH anymore unless I’m seeing problems as the living soil with natural nutrients keep things balanced.
If you use chemical Man made nutrients that is why all the talk about having to test and check all that input and output while growing.
Just my thoughts


Beastie bloom ingredients
Ingredients: Mono potassium phosphate, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, chelating agent, disodium ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA), sodium borate, sodium molybdate and kelp.

Cha Ching
Ingredients: Ammonium phosphate, mono potassium phosphate, ammonium nitrate, potassium nitrate, iron, manganese, zinc, copper, chelating agent, disodium ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA), sodium borate, sodium molybdate and kelp.

Grow big isn’t either

Ingredients: Ammonium sulfate, ammonium phosphate, urea, blood meal, potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate, earthworm castings, Norwegian kelp, iron EDTA, zinc EDTA, manganese EDTA, copper EDTA, chelating agent, disodium ethylenediamine tetra acetate (EDTA), sodium borate and sodium molybdate.

Pretty sure these aren’t organic!
Many other organic options.

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I believe I read another post you made and felt better once I read it thanks for your input. I have to believe what you have said all makes sense. It was a fresh run off but saucer had to have residue. I do not think I even realized what I was growing in. My son is a fantastic indoor organic hydro Veg farmer who sells to high end restaurants and bars I have some of his old LED lights so he took me to the hydro garden store and they pointed me in a organic direction to start my indoor grow.
I have not smoked for a lot years but have been told if I follow the right steps I will be amazed by less side effects for me it was monster headaches made smoking not worth it.
Thanks Again for your post.

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True Organics…read all ingredients before selecting nutrients…some claim organic…like those have kelp meal but many other crap…why not just use kelp meal…

Here are a couple ideas for you as far as top dressing them during the grow.

Chemically based nutrients are not friendly the the living soil.
These are some of the things I’m using to grow.
Check out build a soils web site as well as down to earth products.
Many many options to go and grow all organic…

Check this thread out by @budbrother he has a lot of knowledge to share growing organically…

Hope this helps

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Btw i googled this for you which bestie bloom, big bloom and cha Ching has in it…


10 foot pole…I ain’t touching that sht…haha

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Well it stuck. I went to my Garden folks this afternoon. Told them what I was trying to do. The owner took me to a area I was looking at which is what she called the organic farmer section. A huge selection so she gave me some options. Also she said if you are organic farming do not buy into the numbers game it is more about what works with living soil. So ended up buying two different blooming nutrients water solubles. One for 1st 3-4 weeks and second for final flower. I do remember 1st is a Kyle Kushman vegamatrix … http://purelifeveganix.com/vegamatrix-bloom/
next to be blended with Vegamatrix is https://www.aurorainnovations.com/terp-tea-bloom
Looks like a little bit user organic friendly. I will up date you in a month when I return from work travel. Wife is my gardener when I am gone.

This is first indoor grow using leds and co co loco. First indoor grow in 30yrs. My ppm runs bout 450 right out of faucet. Do to instruction confusion on nutes I was running 1600ppm. Is that too high will it cause problems down the rd.

sorry to be late on the reply.
My well water was high on ppm so my plants soil was very high. I also use iron pellets in my soil build and I believe it reflects in my soil test. avg ppm 2100. I had very dark green leaves and huge foliage for 5 gal pots. I had 28 out of 30 seeds all healthy plants down to 12 weeks into flower now. That is the only thing confusing me. With big LED’s flowering is going longer still getting new pistols white and buds continue to fill out. I been checking trichomes and still very few ambers. I have harvested 3 as their pistols and bud growth had stopped and was seeing vey few amber trichomes. I have even cut light back to 10.5 a day.
Not sure if it is the LED lights or just the strains, White Widow, Purple Kush, Skywalker OG, Gold Leaf, Blue Haze