High ppm runoff

Ok so I water my coco with 1800ppm at the moment because I have a slight deficiency and I recently killed a bunch of gnat larvae and adults that were stealing the nutrients.
I have checked runoff ppm and it is at 2400ppm that seems high to me.
Ph is at 5.87 so no issue there don’t think it’s lockout. is It is in first day of week 6 flower so don’t wanna shock it to much.

The plant is in alright shape considering it’s week 6 and had gnats
so should I flush my plants with water to lower ppm or is 2400ppm ok for runoff in coco at 5.8PH

Any help would be appreciated


Are you watering to run off each time you water? What nutrients are you using?

Pic of the plant in natural light would also be helpful


Ideally you would want your output ppm’s to be within 300 (higher) of your input ppm’s when you’re in coco.

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No I am not watering until runoff every time I was only covering half the pot because I previously had a gnat issue and water never reached bottom of pot as I was only feeding 1-2litres at a time. So first time I’ve had runoff I wasn’t watering enough so think it may be build up but not 100% I will put a pic up


They are 2 different plants and strain

I would just make sure you’re watering to run off each time. It flushes salts and stuff out and prevents a build up in the coco.

Also, you should think about pulling some leaves off of them to allow better airflow. You don’t want to end up with mold

I actually just did that took most of them off as they were curling and going a purple colour on older colas I think I put to much dish soap drench or the gnats are still causing damage but I heard the plant is stressed the most once the insects are dead and it starts recovering and I realised it’s actually start of week 7 of flower so took the big buds off and a lot of leaves I’ll take a photo when the lights come back on tomorrow

These are looking decent though (only 1/5 of the plant)


I hate the gnats, my mosquito bits will be here tomorrow… didn’t realize it was an old post lol