High PPM runoff, orange on leaves

I’ve been only watering with PH’d water for the past few days cuz ppm of runoff was ~3500 for my plants in flower. However I check ppm today and still is at the same level. How can this be? I’m not entirely sure the number is accurate because I can tell some of the coco is being eroded through the fabric pot because the runoff is slightly brown, so maybe 3500 is inflated. I’m noticing some slight stress here and there but am honestly not sure if I’ve been over feeding. Anyways I can’t seem to get the runoff ppm down. Also here is one plants with some orange discoloration on some top leaves. Any thoughts as to what it might be?

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Can you get some pictures of the full plant up? If you really need to get the ppm down, flush with pH water 3x your pot size and remeasure :metal:

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3500 does seem to be up there when checking run off discard the first quart then get a half gal. of run off and check that amount. The color of the water coming out will be brownish that’s normal. Flushing coco with water is ok but follow up with a good feeding rite away(1000ppm 5.8ph) for run off. Coco needs to be fed daily for 25-30% run off I have 2 plants in 5gal bags in coco and use 4gal. of feed per day. My last couple of grows I experienced the same spots on the leaves as you are so I buffered the coco with cal mag before planting and follow up with cal mag feedings thru out the grow the problem went away. Feeding cal mag with the normal nutrient mix like every 3rd day for a couple weeks might help.