High ppm runoff after flush

Looking good, she’s going to get taller. Great save with the flush!

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Ive grown in salamander soil a few times to grow mothers for clones, a good example if your PH is on point and PPMs to size/light then i was mixing about 900 TDS EC *500 and runoff was 130 at 6.5 PH. I got a syringe with a tube to draw the runoff out of the tray into a beaker to measure. Looks a lot better, I’ve locked up plants more than once, key indicator is inconsistent leaf symptoms for different deficiencies because the plant cant eat so its basically deficient everything. In hydro i aim for food equilibrium it will be different for your lights, food, humidity, environment. If the runoff is low feed them more they love it, if its high feed them less, they will tell you when you got it just right. Measureing, tracking, and observing is most valuable.


week 6 ff nutes at half strength
Ph 6.5 in/ 6.0 runoff
Ppm 900 in/ ~1028 runoff
~1 gallon in each pot, decent amount of runoff

little wilty today, got some yellow leaves, the second plant is looking generally lighter in color, also some new yellow leaves.
Flipped to 12/12 on 3/10 increasing par from ~600 to ~800
Increased par to ~900 on 3/15, watered, each 1 gl w 1/2ts calmag
Leaf surface temp ~76 average

Possibly stressed due to flip and par increase,
May need to bump nutes to full strength due to par increase

Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks!

That part

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Guess it’s too late to reapply full strength today, maybe just calmag the next water in a few days, and go full next week, or would it be better to do another half strength on the next water and go full next week?

Feed full strength now and continue the regime from there

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Just did second sledgehammer flush, since my last post, all of the ph and ppm numbers going in and out have been in a good zone, ph hovering around 6.5 give or take, ppm has been coming out slightly less then what I put in (last feed 1335 in, 1307 out)
Sledgehammer water was started at 241 and came out in the 520 range(avg of both plants)

Starting to get good bud development, my only worry now, is pruning. Both are LST/scrog’d, one I pruned pretty good, but not the full lollipopish thing I see a lot, the other I did no pruning. There is definitely bud sites hidden from the light on both, should I just let them be, get better canopy buds and let the hidden ones do what they will, from what I gather it is too late to do a heavy trim

Air flow is good and I’ve seen no sign of mold or mildew, quite the opposite, the leaves that die here and there are bone dry, even ones deep in there

RH is running right around 50%

False. You should be fine. You’re not that far into flower

This will be going into week 4 of flower, I think I’ll hold off a few days to bounce back from the flush, then try to take out as many small branches as I can to keep the stress at a minimum? Idea being increase air flow, think I’m to far gone to make any major cuts to create new high yield sites, just get the best flowering areas more room to breath

Another update
I think they are looking very good, buds are really starting to come in, I assume the yellowing and dropping leaves are more due to flower production than some sort of deficiency? All my numbers seem to be in the right zone

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I have also raised the lights a bit and increased power to 100% par is about 1100 µmols right in the center at canopy level

What kind of dehumidifier is that?


Forgot to update, just under 6oz dried, currently curing, smells fantastic

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How big is your tent?

It’s a 2x3

I thought that was a dehumidifier

Oh my bad, well that’s my humidifier, I also have a vivosun dehumidifier in there as well

The vivo doesn’t do anything to my 4x4 especially right now my basement is at 79%

It’s been doing the job for me, it is pretty much only needed when I’m doing laundry