High PPM on run off

So I test the nutes by themselves? Or in my water that I use? My water ppm is already 133, so how does that factor in???

And what about microbe Brew and Cal-Mag???

Add to your water until you reach your target TDS. Cal Mag every other watering. No other nutes when using cal mag. PH after everything is added. You also have to account for any solids in water so your 133 ppm is part of the 750 ppm target.

Ok, so last ppm and pH read were just water. Am feeding today. Gabe them microbe 4 feeds ago, so is it ok to give that and some of the big bloom organic today and then calmag next water …???

Sure; I just like to separate out the cal mag because it drives the TDS count way up in water. I only take runoff measurements on water days: note your input TDS and then measure runoff and compare.

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Ok…so I am doing a feed today. I used Microbe Brew, Big Bloom, Grow Big and Boomerang( for iron magnese). I tested the feed mix and pH is 6.29 and ppm is 755 which makes the EC 1.51 I think. Before I give them this feed (1gallon between 6 plants). Let me know if this is good or not … :+1:

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That sounds perfect.

Keep in mind too that your PPM/TDS/EC is drastically affected by pH Up too, so you should test for your desired PPM before adjusting pH.

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That’s exactly what I did. My nutes drove down the pH while increasing ppm, so I adjusted pH afterwards.