High PPM on run off

Currently I’m growing two each of Bubble gum and White widow and have only fed them nutes twice first feed I did a 1/3 strength of fox farm nutes and cal mag 2nd was half strength of same thing like 660 ppm but I just gave them ph’d water and tested the runoff and 3 of them were at 1100-1200 and the biggest one was only 800 something. Medium is fox farm happy frog
Edit: other than them growing kind of slow they are healthy looking also the ph of runoff is 6.4-6.5

Can you provide any pics
How old are they from seed?
Maybe hold up on the extra nutrients for awhile and just add Ph adjusted water at around 6.5 I believe happy frog has enough nutrients in there for a month or two depending on how fast she is growing.
Are they under intense lights?
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They are 42 days today. I’m only using 1 light now but its a bestva 1500 watt led 280 actual watts (have two) I only have pics from two days ago from my journal didnt think I would need to take more for this question

sorry for the blurple lighting I didn’t have time to pull em out but they look healthy and no nute deficiency started to feed when lower leaves started turning yellow.

They look fine and healthy. Im with the Diver above. Hold off on feeding til ppms get back into range

Either hold off on feeding or flush either way when it comes time to feed again drop your strength down because a lockout could be in your future and i would get mine when going into flower it would seem like all hell would break loose and have 4 problems all at once
Less is more in the early stages i learned that a couple times.
But your on your way to a great start and smart enough to ask questions wich is very good it’s way better than burning it up good work and keep going

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