High ppm on drain to waste

hi, my runoff for my NL auto is over 1000. I am running on my fourth week from sprout, in a coco + perlite grow in 3G fabric pot. I am using GH Flora series with cal mag. I PH my distilled water to 6.0 after adding in the nutes. I fed once daily. What issues may be causing?

At 4 weeks from sprout the 1000 ppm is about double what it should be.
Normally in the 400-600 ppm range is where you would want to be.

What issues may be causing?

That high will probably cause leaf yellowing /
browning / burnt spots and possibly root damage if not corrected.
Dont mean to alarm but you asked. :wink:
Also are you watering to runoff each time you feed ?
If not it can cause a salt build up in the coco.

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Thanks, that’s what I’m trying to get ahead of is any issues. My run off hasn’t been consistent. Today was a better feeding which is why I tested it. I’ll put some pics on from this morning. .

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If you drop the feed to about 500-550 ppm and nudge the ph down to 5.8 from 6.0 then I don’t think it’ll take very long for them to come back around.
Just give them a good amount out the bottom of the pot each time you feed and that will help a lot. Approx 15-20% of what you put in should do it.
You can bring the ppms back up some after they get a bit bigger.


FYI, cut the ppm down in half and she never showed signs of yellowing!

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7.17 update!

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