High ppm in living soil help

I been under watering my plants for the past month and just now realize. thought it was nutrient deficiency so I have added Epsom salt about three weeks ago, cal mag and dyno bloom(stupid mistake)about two weeks ago. and about 3 days ago I added some flora micro. I am growing in organic living soil. Today I decided to test my runoff and got

3550 ppm
6.6 ph
To me ppm seems high? Any tips?Any suggestions are very much appreciated

image image


Yo @eddy360 im also a beginner here so I’ll let the more experienced growers chime in too. But if you add some fresh filtered water at the right pH, to your water/feed It should bring down your PPM’s :ok_hand:t4:

3550 or 355? The plant appears deficient rather than overfed.

Is it possible you can post a better photo(s)? The one posted looks like a blurry thumbnail pic.

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@Nickgrows I’m growing in organic super soil which already suppose to have all the nutrients in the soil.So maybe flushing might help??

@MidwestGuy my meter reads 355 x10 ppm
Which should be 3550 ppm I think

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If you are in a true living soil medium, your PPMs do not matter.

I definitely see under watering.


@AAA Yes bought a living soil kit from apotforpot.com. Also added some nutes thinking it was A deficiency. Was only watering about a cup every other day. I’m a noob.

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Do you have a PPM reading on just the soil. I’ll take a slurry reading to get a base line of my soil mix.

@beardless I watered until I had enough runoff for testing

I don’t know anything about a pot for a pot, but @MattyBear does. Maybe he can chime in.

I wouldn’t get in the habit of watering the kits to runoff or else you will flush out the available nutrients already present in the soil and have to add them back in.

I only did it to test it, I won’t be doing that anymore. But after watering to runoff yesterday, today I noticed a big difference of the plant. I have been definitely under watering. Now hope I don’t over water :sweat_smile:

I thought that with organic living soil the plant will PH the water to what it needs etc… ??

The plant doesn’t pH water in the soil as far as I know. The pH of water matters much less when using soil because the soil will buffer the pH. In layman’s terms it means that soil pH is resistant to change.

@eddy360 How was the harvest? I am going to start my second run of living soil and like to learn more about experiences others have had.