High in nitrogen and potassium but haven't added any of the fox farm trio yet

@danniep40 what’s up homie, so I’ve been noticing my little plant get worse and worse but still holding on. So tonight the wife an I did some soil tests and ph tests and this is what came up: keep in mind, I haven’t added ANY fox farm trio! Just straight happy frog soil

Before I went happy frog, i read up on the pros and cons of ocean forest vs happy frog, and from my research, ocean forest was considered too hot of a soil for the age of my plants. This, this is why I hate Google!

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How does the other plant look i use happy frog mixed with ocean forest i put 50/50 mixture with ocean forest bottom half of pot and happy frog top half. Are you ph you water going in around 6.5 to 6.8


Huh, the ph of my tap water was 7.44, I wanted to test my rain water and shit it was 8 point something. I tested some spring water it was in the 7 range

You are using a ph meter? And rain if not catching it out of gutters reads ever minerals that on roof and in shingles. I just set a bucket in yard catch rain water and never PH it just use cause thats God’s water

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It’s not uncommon for FF soils to have high PPMs out of the bag. The type of nutrients used in the soil straight out of the bag are less likely to cause the problems that typical salt based nute lines might.

Your plant is healthy and I don’t see anything to worry about. There is certainly no sign of excess nitrogen.

It is normal for a plant to shed its lower fan leaves as the plant matures. I wouldn’t worry about the older fan leaves. So long as new growth is coming in good you shouldn’t have any issues.


I think it’ll work itself out of those damaged leaves. I’d just keep using straight water for awhile. That soil will carry it for at least 4 weeks. I switched to the fox farm fruit and flower 4-9-3 dry nutrients myself, and like that much better tan buying a bunch of bottled stuff that you pay for water.

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@MidwestGuy @Dexterado thanks for the advice, what do y’all think made my NPK TESTS BE SO HIGH

My big plant, I can’t tell what it’s trying to do and if I should switch to 12 on 12 off. I didn’t keep track of their growth because to be honest I didn’t think they’d come this far in my climate. Any advice for her would be great

Put recent pictures of both plants up i would keep veg them for now on 18/6. Until get to the desired height you could even top them

I topped kush A which is the bigger plant a few weeks ago maybe right at a month.

Do you think its too soon to top the kush b plant considering I transplanted not too long ago

Do I bring them in for 6 hours of darkness considering they’re outdoor plants?

Naw i would leave them outside i have topped my plants 2 times now they in prefower i will just just top dress with 2-8-8 and 4-4-4 fertilizer 2 times while flowering i use

I use to use foxfarm trio but have switch to these 2 only was tired of every week feeding only feed 4 times with these nutes in 10 gallon pots fed once during veg once during preflower and 2 times during flower the key is not to over water so you don’t rinse away your nutes


How do you exactly top dress?

And I probably should wait to add 4-4-4 till this nute problem I’m having or pretty sure I’m having…

Now I hate that the trio lol

Yeah you should wait for at least 4 to 5 weeks and to top dress you let your soil dry sprinkle you nutes on top and work in with your hand and 1inch to 2 inch deep in the top layer then add water

I forgot my wife had a picture of the big plant when it was a seedling. The second picture was taken on may 12th

Make sure you have plenty of drain holes drilled even around sides so roots can get oxygen

I’m about to put more


The ph and soil test we used

I don’t know how accurate that soil test is never used one maybe someone else on here can tell you.

What? Run a sugar strap. Start with something less harsh unless FF is your best option. If so just monitor PH