High I need some advice please

Beginner outside. High this is my second year. I used clones last year and am using seed from ILGM They are growing great. I want to use molasses this year and I want to know when I introduce my girls to it. How much and how often. Also I could use a tip in topping or Fimming. When to start topping? This is FUN. i love growing Marijuana!


I add Raw Sugar once the plants have flowers. This is when it will help the buds the most. :+1:

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Wait…what? What’s the process to add it?

I add the the sugar when I feed the water and nutriwbts.

Thanks for the info. Also if you seen the pics I have a stunted sprout. Any ideas to help it out?

A bigger pot will help if the plants are not flowered.

Molasses is typically used as carb load for microbes. If you’re going that route, make sure to use a horticulture grade or unsulphured blackstrap molasses. Application rate should be about 5ml per gallon, and you shouldn’t need anymore than once per week.

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Thank you very much. Its been rainy here in Michigan do you think I need to use any right now? Also when should I start topping or fimming? How much do you top and where are The best spots to do this?
Any help is appreciated

Depends on what else you are using and what you believe. I don’t believe you could really hurt anything with molasses with outdoor grow. But some of the hardcore soil guys don’t like it. I think last knf video I watched they were saying not to put molasses in your garden.

I don’t do either, or grow outside. So not really sure, sorry.

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Haven’t grown outside either, but you could probably top at the 4th or 5th node. It has been really rainy here.

Nice Garden with plenty of room.

I use straight water until they have a couple sets of true leaves. Then I switch to a mixture of liquid seaweed (1 tbps/gal) and unsulphured Blackstrap molasses (5ml/gal). I use that mix until they are transplanted into a super soil and straight through veg. It looks like you are growing outdoors so . . . you have a natural super soil. You may want to try a top dressing, but your plants are looking spiffy fine to me!

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Very good Thank you