High humidity Outdoors

I am growing outdoors and have 5 autoflowers doing very well. 2 in pots and 3 in the ground. They are flowering big time and the humidity is off the charts. It rained last night in addition to the high humidity. I try to shake the flowers to get as much moisture off of them as possible. I’m gonna cry if I get bud rot! Is there anything I can do to minimize this outside? I put a fan out there not sure if that will help outside. Also, it rained last night and one of them fell over. It didn’t uproot, so I staked it back up. What are the odd this will hurt the outcome? It is Amnesia Haze auto and full of flowers. Its was looking really good before the fall last night and still looks ok now that it is upright again.
New and needing all knowledge as possible. Love this forum and all you smart growers!

I heard a leaf blower is good for drying wet plants.:fallen_leaf: