High humidity, low temperatures

Hello! Got a question. I am a week into drying my plants, and they seem to be drying slowly. My tent is a 4x4x8 and the temps and humidity is all over the place. The temps range from about 60F - 73F and the humidity ranges between 65% and 70% (depending on the day). I have a dehumidifier, but the issue is that the dehumidifier heats up the tent, but lowers the RH. When I turn it off, it lowers the temp but raises the RH. Anyone have any suggestions on how to balance the temp and RH? There must be some sort of balance as I have not seen any mold, mildew or condensation, and I’m pretty sure mold would have happened already, but I have not seen anything. It’s almost as this weird balance is keeping things in check, but I’m getting a bit anxious as I’ve spent over 9 months of work and it would reeeally suck to lose those buds.

I found a portable AC on one of those local buyer/seller apps for $50. Keeps my drying area at 61°, 65 if I turn on the dehumidifier. Average rh is about 52%. It was all I could do to avoid the same issue you’re having.


You could put the dehumidifier outside the tent if it’s suitable for the size of your lung room


Your temps are ok for the most part. Take the dehumidifier out of the tent like what @Mosquitohawk recommended. Run a small circulation fan in the tent you don’t want the fan blowing on the buds.