High Humidity Expected Last 2 Weeks?

Growing this year up here in Western NY sure has been a Challenge. The cloudy wet August allowed Powdery Mildew to set in which I’ve managed to fight off pretty good. I have about two weeks left til harvest and were looking at 70-90 percent humidity the next few days and it has me a bit worried about bud rot. Any suggestions? Plants are in 5 gallon fabric pots on the back picnic table.


Increase airflow if you can and spray a dilute peroxide/water mix as a prophylaxis against mold every couple of days.


Im in RI i been out there with a leaf blower on wet days

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What everyone else said. Also, if you can keep the morning dew off of them somehow that could help. Or dry them out 1st thing in the AM.

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Take them inside at night if possible

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