High Hopes for 1st Grow


Growing With different Species.
I have aa Rudaralis currently growing through Veg stage. I have to indica’s that are currently tapped and potted today. I am looking for critique as well as spectators. Comment my photos and my hypothesis. I will be reeding for information in my Grow Bible (GB), as well as from our more advance grow members.

This is the C. Rudaralis. In hopes it’s female her Name is Emmy. Today is week 3 for her marking day 21.

I am using LEDs with blue and red spectrum bands. My soil is MG Big Bloom.

I noticed the nut burn early on and managed to only fry the very tips of the leave blades. I have a great watering practice that has allowed the nut burn to stop and the growrh is a new node per day and a half.


Highly recomend getting out of miracle grow it contains fertilizers that release over time and will burn your girl


That is something I come across reading often. I am currently looking into making my own fertilizer. But any recommendations are welcomed. I’d ask you to post a link or picture in any recommended products.


I use promix all organic with organic worm castings any cheap potting mix will work as long as it doesn’t have time release fertilizers and I also use vermiculite in my medium


Correct me if I’m wrong but doesn’t the time release only become an issue with over watering? As the only purpose is to give the plant the nutrients it can receive at that given stage. Or do I risk the potential nutrient intake by adjusting my watering practices?


@bob31 I have read quite a few of your comments and posts while in guest mode and I believe you have a great deal of insight to offer.


I concur with @Sirsmokes. We use promix and organic worm castings and our plants are happy happy!


Not necessarily they do release fert as your plant state changes you are right there however you can not control the amount being released which can cause burn. When starting neuts good rule of thumb is .25 doses and increase slowly over time.


Also I’m not sure about the water schedule being the issue because the soil will only hold so much moisture the only thing I can think of it benefiting would be a flush of the soil


Compare to First pic: My growth rate in a day. I measured her to 5 inch tall and the bottom fans measure 4 3/4 inch wide.