High CBD autoflower grow, first time, I need to buy a full set up, got blueberry autoflower and high CBD seeds


Hi @MattyBear or anyone wanting to help!
I’m starting from scratch. No tent or anything just yet. Wanting to buy s set up. I’ve recieved my seeds. Mainly wanting to grow for high CBD plants.
I figured autoflower is easiest so got some blueberry auto from ILTGM and other high CBD seeds elseware.
What size tent and lights etc you recommend I get?
I don’t want to go too extravagant on costs but enough to have a good go at it. Even putting it away inbetween. I won’t use much. Going to grow 2 plants at a time I’m thinking?
I’m thinking 1x1x2 meter tent and possibly hpl/ mh 600W lighting- unsure of exhaust etc etc but I’m very open to ideas?
Let me know what you recommend please? :slight_smile:


Also- is getting a watering system straight up a good idea? More expensive yes, but is it harder to work that out for a beginner? Or just go water myself…


let us get you off to a good start @PattyJean :smiley:


are you growing for yourself only?
how much room do you have to spare for grow?


blueberry is a great medicional plant…i believe the cheese auto has a high cbd %


I have lots of room indoor but not sure I want a massive tent in my house- 1x1x2 - grocell 100 Im looking at - will this be sufficient for autoflower 2 plants?


These links won’t work for me- not sure why


Okay I’ve put together a list of what I’m thinking- tell me your thoughts please:

GroCell GC100
600W nanolux digital HPS lighting kit
1x w HPS Lamp
1x w MH Lamp
1x Reflector of your choice - cooltube 6’
1x 6" Vent Fan
1x 6" Ducting
1 pair x Yoyo or rope rachet
1x 10A Timer

I’m planning to grow in soil with perlite
Do I need:
Carbon filter?


And 2 x smart pots


the 6’'fan,duct,and filter you can get in a kit…
what kind of medium? coco is an easy medium to work with…sunshine #4 promix is what i have great results with…up to you
advanced sensi line is a ph perfect line that is easy to handle and apply as well…
get a 5 pack of pots cheaper…lol
happy growing!
oh,and i would not spend over 100$ for a tent…lol i bought an el cheapo la garden tent…worked great!


Yes you’ll need nutrients, unless your gonna go with a super soil, and only plan on watering.
Also may I suggest the most important thing a digital ph tester, it doesn’t matter if you have all the nutrients or the best lights if the plant can’t use them .
Also you will need atleast need a few cheap clip on fans to move air around.
Welcome to Ilgm and happy growing