High Brix recipe

Anyone have a good recipe for a Organic high Brix mix?

Hey @Deez I m just scrolling and reading your post. I am not familiar with High Brix. Can you fill me in, please. Thanks man. Peace out.

I was pretty crocked when I made that post But do a google search for high Brix soil and there’s few places that sell a proprietary set of additives that you “cook” in to a soil recipe they supply you with.

Doc buds Brix is one. Check em out. They have some info on HB and you can see their method

What I’m trying to do is tune a recipe that doesn’t involve Buying a bag of magic powder off the Internet.

Brix is the measurement of sugar content in a plant. That’s a huge over simplification but more sugar is mo bettah. Fruits Of all types with higher brix levels taste better, smell better and have more vitamins and minerals in them. Plants with high brix levels are stronger and bigger and healthier and more resistant to disease. This applies to cannabis as well. High brix means higher resin production and mo bettah terpenes.

One of the tenets of high brix gardening is high levels of calcium in the soil along with high levels of other minerals. I’m really not the most qualified person to tell this tale.

This is a good read.