Hiding the light from space heater

My third grow, second attempt indoors. You all are FANTASTIC!
I read the posts back to 2013 that I thought might hit on this problem without success.
Our winters get down below freezing regularly and the back room used as a grow room receives no heat.The thermostatically controlled heat works great except for one problem. I recently switched over to flowering and I cannot figure out how to hide the light from the heat coils.

I tried hanging a blanket from my drying ropes, but I fear too much light is still messing the flowering.

What have others done to combat this problem?

**The heater is a square box that is behind a nightstand, the “Drape” goes around the whole corner. I do not intend on smoking my stuff through a house fire :wink:.

My two HLG kits put out enough heat to keep the room warm. I also have my grow room that the ac flow is very bad and we rarely have to turn the heat on here.

PS. We are miles out in the desert in California and our electricity is solar, with on grid back-up, therefore we do not have many of the restrictions that most of you face.
House: ours.
Electricity: ours.
Water: ours.
Smell: we love it!

Peace :sweat_smile: :yum: :sunglasses:

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Buy a heater that doesn’t emit light.

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@MrPeat: My 2 lights: King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum with UV&IR, and a Quantum Board 3000k do not put out any heat at all hardly. The house is not well insulated and our temps here range from 22f - 116f, so, I am SO grateful for the solar electricity!!!

@blackthumbbetty, WHAT??? is there such an animal?

Maybe some alternating louvers?

I dunno, but get the drapes away from it before we’re all talking about how glad we are everyone is okay.





Vornado makes a great space heater. Doesn’t glow orange like other heaters

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@Watt-Sun, THANK YOU!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Ordering it right now!!!
@elheffe702, Got it covered :sweat_smile:, The blanket is coming down! :blush:

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Just throw some duct tape over the on switch (it has a light) and you’ll be good to go

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@Watt-Sun, smart move, I was just about to tell you, when you took it down!

Yeah :shushing_face: lol I posted that one a Little to quick

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Absolutely. I use a portable baseboard type electric heater.

Optimus H-3603 30-Inch Baseboard… https://www.amazon.com/dp/B005TH6H4C?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share


@blackthumbbetty wonderful! I added it to my Amazon list for futures. This time I already ordered the Vornado that Watt-Sun posted above.
Thank You so much for the help!

Happy smoking!