Hidden grow what seed to plant

I can only grow four plants or its a felony…I.need to plant them hidden to some extent…this year they grew tall seeking sun…if I get plants with a shorter height will they grow well…they all will get eight hours of sun

Welcome @Catlady!
I as well did a 4 plant grow this season and where my ladies are at, they got up too 16-17 hrs of sun at the height of summer and are now closer to the 12/12 ratio.
they will grow but probably wont yield much, IMO. is there another spot your can try???

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@Catlady yes if you get seeds for shorter plants they will be fine, I like short plants my self I use a 32-32 -53 inch tent inside and can get 8 oz off a plant 3 foot tall


Thank you for your help…I have inly a few choices,if places…we have,a huge bamboo patch and I plan to plant in the sunny side and try get as much sun as,possible…I narrowed my choices to strawberry kush and white widow…I was afraid the short plant would not yeild very much…yall harder to hidd…copters fly spring and fall…rural…

That’s why I moved inside

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