Hid light system suggestions

I’m new at growing and I was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on a quality HM/HPS grow light system for a closet sized area?

I grew a plant in a closet years ago when I first moved out of home. I used a 400 son/t. These have a good colour spectrum for both growth and flower. Otherwise you could just use a metal halide 400w for growth and 400w HPS for flower. Just make sure you have good ventilation and don’t have it too close.

You can go to Amazon or Ebay and type in 600w hps ipower complete light system I think the 600w hps system is $133.00 complete
own two 200w and two 1000w hps systems by ipower I love’m
Just remember the higher the watt the warm’er it’s going to be in that closet


This is the best deal on the planet. Had mine for 2 years now. My MH nulb just burned out. Otherwise; A greta deal and quality piece of electronics.

Ipower Digital HID system

Thanks, Will :smiley: )

Your Welcome, any time I can help some one I will, if I can’t, I won’t lol