HID bulbs... Which one?

for 5 weeks into flower it has to b e the right 1 pure red spectrum… the left one looks more balanced so a dual spectrum (dual arc) bulb great for vegging and switching to full flower

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I keep hearing that… Can this be done with T5s?? are we just trying to create the colour spectrum without the lighting power??

The blue light in a metal halide emits uvb rays which is what helps increase potency or thc level and T5 bulbs are about 30% weaker than mh lamps therefore I really dont think so and you’ll yield about 10-25% less with a T5 light rather than a hps lamp and you’ll yield 10% less with a mh lamp than a hps lamp

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@Majiktoker thanks for the reply on an old thread… i know HPS would still be needed i was wondering if i added T5s into the mix as well just for the uvb rays or is that from a halide only?? showing my newb side now i know :stuck_out_tongue:

I would use a dual arc lamp as you stated above for best results… the t5 just won’t have enough penetration for flowering… :wink:

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Id imagine only the metal halide lamps, if T5 do emit uvb rays then they are certainly going to be weaker than a halide bulb.

Overall I think adding the T5 bulbs at is point with a hps bulb would probably be a good move, the light would definitely cover more area and distribute light more evenly

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@peachfuzz i use MH or CFL from seedling then drop to a 400w dual spectrum but then jump to 600w pure red at the end… was just the talk of blue spectrum increasing potency that caught my attention, was wondering if i could create a cheap add-on to my 600w red that could help :slight_smile:

@Majiktoker thanks that makes sense…

starting to understand more and more why people love their LEDs now :frowning:

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Leds are better choices for actually getting and absorbing chlorophyll a and b as well as certain spectrum’s that are in led lights can be used to overall speed up growth stages as well as better output of light. Coverage certainly cover more area that, a mh or his lamp. Also way cheaper for electricity.

The amount it costs to run a 1000 watt hps I could run 3 leds the same wattage and pay the same amount

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I’m toying with buy a mars hydro 300w and putting my 60cm x 60cm x160cm tent back up and doing a test grow… but quick question would 4 x 300w be enough for say a 4 x 4 tent the whole wattage V actual wattage is a bit confusing with lots of dioff opinions on what wattage is actually needed per square foot?? any help lol

Yea 4 300 watt led light should certainly surfice for that area and be enough, most led lights have advertised wattage and true wattage, 300 watt leds will be around 140 true Watts but that is still enough light for that area.

General rule of thumb 35-50 Watts per sq ft of grow room

Cheers Toker… guess I’m going to have to just bite the bullet and try a grow :slight_smile:

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If you need any help or guidance dont be shy lol feel free to ask im usually always around

Cheers my friend happy growings

@Traumamedic I hear ya about the LED. I always did good just never great… went back to HID. My plants blow up - fast.

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You can get HPS bulbs that are UVB enhanced. That’s what I use. It’s a Via Volt bulb. Look around the manufacturer will list it. I also use a 300w LED for supplemental lighting.

The HID system is designed to mimic the natural light you get throughout the year. MH mimics the full bright summer sun directly overhead that is traveling through less water in the air to get to you so it it more white. HPS mimics the fall sun angling through the atmosphere and more water which dilutes the light to a more bluish.

That makes MH ideal for veg and HPS ideal for bloom. Neat trick, you can get an iPower 600 w hps for less money than it costs to replace one of each bulb and it has both.

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if only i could in the UK @majicmarkers :frowning:
can see this being a dual lighting set up LEDs & Dual Spectrum (arc) if that what it takes then so be it :stuck_out_tongue: but thanks for the info

@B345T. Yeah, I love my dual set up. I get the PAR that’s needed and the canopy penetration the LED’s offer. BOOM.
Rock on dude!

hi my name is brian i have a fe questions on a grow for a buddy of mine . anyways he has a 600 watt hid light a 100 watt ans 2 / 400 watt HPS a grow area is a normal bedroom size closet area is 3X3 feet he was wondering the best set up with no vents he has wants to use his 600 watt HID over 6 plants thay are in seed right now just put in soil this morning but the concern is heat. THE QUESTION i have is do you think with the ac in the house set at around 75 degrees with fans blowing on the plants constant will it still not be able to cool down enough ? would like to get the grow done using the 600 watt HID untill veg is done and use one or two of the 400 watt HPS during flower without ventilating the room using just house ac and fans… what do you think? anny suggesions comments concerns anything would be helpful


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