HID bulbs... Which one?

Take a look at the spectrum’s on these two bulbs, and tell me which would you use for flowering.
The one on the right, is enhanced high pressure sodium.
And the one on the left, is metal halide, Ultra Blue, 6500 k.

I have seen light spectrums for LED lights look almost like this (my MH bulb), and people say they use them all the way through flowering with good yields.

Right now I am using the bulb on the right, the HPS bulb 10" above my canopy.
Things just seem to be moving along a little slow… the buds are stacking nice and tight, but just seem to be moving awful slow.
And before anybody asks, 12/12 light schedule… week 5 of flowering.
pH in… 6.4
Runoff check… 6.9
Feeding normally, but added a bloom booster at 0-10-10

Tell me in your opinion, which would you use… Left, or right.

The one on the right it has more red spectrum which will enhance flower growth



Yeah, that’s the one I’m using.
I just had someone tell me to try my other bulb since it had almost equal amounts of spectrum.

Blue light will yield 10% less than yellow orange or red orange but is said to increase potency so its got a pro and con using the other you risk yield over potency and the other you will have a good yield if not great, so I dont blame you if you try it out.

If you try it out keep me posted on how it works @Traumamedic (it is said to increase potency because of the uvb rays blue light emits)


Does this look fairly normal for week 5 to everybody, or am I just getting impatient.

Getting really anxious to move on to my next grow.
The next one will be a 6 plant ScrOG… my baby’s for it are vegging atm. They’re about 5 to 6 inches tall now.


Yes thats normal


I might just go ahead and put it in for like the last week or two. Just to see what happens.

I’ll keep you posted…

I’m also planning on doing stem split, and 48 Hours of Darkness when I harvest.
Although, right at the moment, they are practically white with sugar!


man that looks great @Traumamedic!

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If I were you I would not swap out the MH light later into flower …what you should really do is let the MH light stay in for the first four weeks of flower and then go to the orange HPS light after that and finish your grow with the hps… but that’s just me… also the last two to three weeks is when your buds will put on the weight , right now they’re just getting established…



Your buds look great @Traumamedic
Why mess with things @Majiktoker is on point about the red spectrum thing
It’s better for flowering plants the red spectrum is what the plant uses most durning flower
Your call on switching out bulbs but I say don’t
Your grow though
Happy growing brother :+1::v:


@peachfuzz, @Countryboyjvd1971

I agree totally with you guys… Don’t get me wrong I know all about the spectrum’s and stuff.
And I also agree about using the bulb in the last few weeks when they are bulking up.
just thought about maybe doing some experimenting or something… Y’all know how it is!
Just getting really antsy to be done!
I have a new group of Packman’s ready to go into a ScrOG. They are sitting under a T-5 right now and I need my light.
I wasn’t really happy with the LEDs that I had bought, and I sold them to a friend.
Guess I just have a love affair with my MH/ and HPS.

Sheesh… guess I just need to buy another one!


That’s all I use is t5ho for veg and HPS for flower old school HPS with magnetic ballast …most people don’t understand with the new high-performance electronic ballast sends out radio waves that can be picked up right from the street …so old school it is … magnetic… :wink:




Aren’t those old magnetic ballast noisy, and buzz though?
And also, can they be wired 240 so they’re cheaper to run?
Never experienced the magnetic, I’ve always ran the digital. I also live out in the middle of nowhere in the country. So I don’t think anyone will be driving around listening for my “radio waves.”

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Here is some info on lights. i will send yu a message with more on lighting ojk

Horticultural industry standard for HID lights is 50 watts per square foot.

Seedlings and clones require about 400-1000 lumens per square foot.

Vegetative growth requires about a minimum of 2,000 to 3,000 lumens

per square foot.

Flowering requires about 5,000 to 10,000 lumens per square foot,

ideally, and can take possibly much more.

Flowering can be done under 2,000 lumens but is not ideal

and more likely to result in light “airy” buds.


No they really don’t make much noise although they do produce a lot of heat if they’re hooked to 120 …they come standard with 120 or 240 power adapters so that’s not a big deal as long as you have the right power ran to that designated location…



These are what I use… the T-5 95watt VHO fixtures & bulbs.
Bright as the sun… but do make some heat. So a small fan blowing under the fixture is needed.


These are my two Home Depot t5ho fixtures kicking a$@ if you don’t mind me saying…s

I love them for veg…:wink:



I started out with a 4 bulb High Bay from Lowes.

While can’t tell you which one to use, personally I agree with magic and would use the sodium

I’ve flowered plants through the whole cycle with metal halide and I found the yield was roughly 20-30% smaller, however I found the buds to be much tighter and more compact, I don’t know if that helps ? …good luck


Blue lights supposedly also help increase potency due to uvb rays emitted in the light, but yes @Paranorman is right they yield 25-30% less and emit 10% less light than hps lamps