Hi what happens if you turn on the lights during dark time?


A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi what happens if you turn on the lights during dark time? How can you see hemaphrodite


STRESS! A hermie can be spotted by its nanners. It looks like sm bananas on your main cola.


Its vitally important that the dark period of the light cycle is strictly maintained.Unintentional light leaks such as poor tent/cupboard design , small led lights on powerstrips etc can be very detrimental to the onset of flowering. Intentionally exposing plants to light during their dark period is just asking for trouble, at the least it will delay flowering, at worst the plants will hermie and pollinate everything in the space. Think before you set up your tent , When is the most conveinient time for you to service your set up? Then time your lights on schedule to coincide with your schedule and there should be no need the ever interrupt your lights out period.


Are we talking about turning the lights on during the dark time with plants that are in flower, or plants that are in veg?


To piggy back on bogleg was it a flip of the switch or is this constantly happening?


If you turned the lights on just 1 time you should be ok just continue your cycle if it is something that is constantly happening then your flirting with disaster. If it keeps happening you can have under developed buds that never fill out, or it can turn hermi and give you seeds that will be prone to hermi themselves.