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@GreenCoat yeah I’ll take a look at your journal tag me in

You’re right about the stems… geez lucky you said something. Thanks for that! :grimacing:

I left a infrared red light on for a few days during lights out. Stuffed up basically.

There is no science behind my blueberry thing but they are a natural acidity so I thought I’d try it and see what happens. Possibly nothing at all but I gotta always experiment, cant help myself.

There is science behind raising or lowering PH during flush to get different colour results, but there is no mention of blueberries. I’m just using them to lower the PH naturally.

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Yeah I’ve heard of lowering temp during lights out to bring out the colours but never lowering pH…but that just me

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Have a read



When Ph up, then colors come, but not recom. before very last week or if you dont have skills :wink:
But colors come anyway, some of them🦠


You from Australia? Does the info come from a credible source I’ve always thought the temp plummeting brought on various colouration depending on genetics I will call this the “autumn” effect

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It’s not the source that’s credible it’s the science that’s credible.

Ask @TDubWilly and his experience with it

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So I’m not a debater and won’t debate issues about marijuana mainly because I’m not a plant scientist and all my education is through my own experiences and we all know peeps can have different experiences.

When I do encounter a problem, I try to find the best solution through my own research about the problem.

My problem was not trying to produce colors but trying to keep the plant from uptaking fertilizer Because the lowest I could my ppms at the end of its life was only about 250. I like 0 pom at the end but it was impossible.

Well everyone has heard of nutrient lockout because pH is off and it led me to believe that maybe I could just cause my own nutrient lockout instead of finishing with 0ppms.

After a couple of days of running ph at 8.5 I noticed some color changes and after about a week it became drastic color changes. Curious as to what it might be that caused it I set out to find an answer.

My first thought was the strain gscx but that strain turned out to be not a big color changer. Eventually after posing some questions in “the lab”, someone mention anthocyanins and so I began to research what they were. Antho’s are not linked to marijuana only, but are responsible for color changes in many different plants and depending on pH you could get a variety of different color changes.

I won’t debate but I’ll leave you the pic of the plant I did it too and you can make your own judgment call :+1:


100% right also…

Think of it this way, how many different types of writing utensils can you make a red line with?

Will the answer would be many different utensils because there are crayons pens markers pencils can you can get them all in red :grinning:

The same is true with autumn, you have many different factors that go into making the autumn season. Yes the air temps are colder but we are also a greater distance from the Sun creating different light spectrums and amount of light used, Ground water and dew water that’s set on the leaves in the morning is colder. There are also more contributing factors but you get the point.

This is only my opinion but I do believe the cold air temps are the main culprit for changing color during the fall.

I even think I’ve come up with a way that we can find out to see if its the Main contributing factor!

I was talking with an old grow buddy of mine the other day and She told me if you take a freshly harvested Bud and throw it into an environment around 0゚ that it will turn purple in a matter of minutes.

Sounds kind of crazy to me lol but I don’t know I’ve never tried it :grinning:


I will try that very soon but I did notice the leAves on my plants turn purple when I put them outside for a week prior to flipping. The coldness was a definite factor but so was genetics as it was purple cross strain

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Wow so you raised you pH to fully alkaline? How did you do that?

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Oh, we HAVE to try this! Hey @Not2SureYet Brian; you want to 'speriment on a bud on your next harvest?


I am still reading through this but from what I have caught so far. My Dark devil may be a good candidate to try on. :grin: I am always up for experimenting :grin:


Dark devil changes herself anyway :grin:good choise


Shhhhh! Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret :wink:

If you will read the articlethat @GreenCoat posted above you will find an acidic pH is responsible for Anthos turning a differemt color than an alkaline ph.

My plants turned purple and blueish in color…

I believe an acidic pH tends to bring out reds… but I can’t say that based on experience…yet lol…
Maybe one day


Keep an open mind brother you’ll get a lot further

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“A mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work if it is not open.” - Frank ZappaResized_Resized_ff1f202957ba08cab47d69609f604202-2_9640956754296

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I must say they look fantastic. You must get yourself badge :grin:

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That’s ashame because I keep my grow natural organics

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