Hi to everyone here on this forum

My first time growing but I can’t seem to figure out which techniques to use to get a high grade finished product. My plants are in their final pots and are approximately 1month old.


Welcome to the forum @Wundopeman . I would say one of the most important thing is a good light . There are some great folks here to help you with those good techniques .

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Second the great light is priority, rest you can make work and hVd success. Suggest quantum boards cheap and easy to build compared to other Chinese LED. You’ll have much better results

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Sounds like you are growing in soil . How many plants ? , What kind are you growing ? Give us lot of info on your grow . :sunglasses:


Welcome!! Fill out a support ticket and we’ll have alot of the info we need to help you out.


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Yes soil and perlite on bottom.

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Using hps lights

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Schop suey

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Welcome to the forum! I would think you’d want to get those flipped pretty quick if not already.


Maybe within the next 2-⚂ weeks because I want to top them again before flip. I’ll add a pic after I do defol

Welcome to forum.
@dbrn32 has right,flip, you outgrow your area . But if you have height, then other story. If you have height room, then tie down all nodes top all again and then week and then12/12. You get yourself easy forest.
Allways first LST and top, this get you so many shape options.

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Are you using the MH bulb or the HPS bulb?

Welcome to the forum!! Yeah be careful those girls can treble in size after the flip, looking good. I’m new too but you’ll get awesome advice here. GL

Yes hps. I intend to move plants to another space for flowering so I’m just going to top them once more

Welcome @Wundopeman

Cheers bud. Hey how did your cherry pie turn out?

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Most importantly I made it to the end with it going hermie on me.

I put her through a lot and I think the reveg hurt her yields quite a bit even though it was an ok harvest.

The buds seem a little on the airy side, not very dense once dried.

How it smokes I’m yet to find out. I’m curing right now and the jars are starting bring the smell out of them which is getting better by the hour. I’ve left the stems slightly bendy because thats where the true smell is and I’m hoping that fills the buds while curing.

What I’m most excited about is the 8 clones I got from her. They are truly beautiful plants. The smell, the colours, just screams Cherry Pie.

I’ve entered one of the buds in this month contest so I’m pretty proud right now. So this week I’ll be running a test with one of the clones. I’ll be lowering the PH down to 4.5 with blueberry juice. I’ve fully flushed her out back to 200ppm today and once the pot has dried a little I’ll be adding the blueberry juice for 2-3 days before the final harvest. If I see something exciting happen I’ll do it with some others.

So that’s me as of today mate. How about you, how’s everything ?

You can see some pics on my journal

How did she go back into veg? I’ve always thought the stems needed to be removed before putting in jar to cure because too much will taint the bud but idk. Why would you lower the pH before harvest using blue berry juice is that to get a blueberry flavour in the buds?
Well I’ve got 5 strain growing in my veg tent 12 plants altogether which il probably only clone the best looking ones before flip.