Hi there I started an 8week flower cycley on the 4th of feb when should i start flushin week 7 or 8?



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Hi there I started an 8week flower cycley on the 4th of feb when should i start flushin week 7 or 8? So the girls will be ready around the 1st of March. Am correct or not ? Thank you for all your guidance.


These flower times are more what they can be under perfect conditions. More of a guideline kind of thing then a exact finish date. Things like from seed or clone effect that. If your indoors how long you vegged them, the amount and quality of the light all can have some effect on finish times.Non organic, heavy feeders may need a little longer of a flush. The most accurite way to know when to start flushing is by looking at your tri-comb coloring. If you take your flowers to 50/50 amber then when they are mostly all cloudy you can flush for a week and some change while they darken up. If you like more couch lock highs then let it go longer, it does reach a degrading point but in general mostly amber is more couchlock-ish and when harvested early more cloudy its more energentic. Those things will also have an effect on the date you choose to start flushing.
The free grow guide ILGM offers talks about when to harvest and its good info and easy to understand. Fyi


I agree with the time given are more of a general guideline but in most case they be fairly close
If your growing indoors
So the firstvtwo weeks after switching to 12/12 are not really flower weeks fyi thise are transition weeks and do not count towards flowering weeks
Start counting once you see actual flowers(buds)
Imo the best way to determine harvest time is to watch pistols when they turn 70-80% red or brown ill start watching my tricombe heads fir color when i get about 20% amber to cloudy i harvest
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