Hi! Runoff style

Growerz Help a Brothers out please

Do not understand why my flowers’ soil mixture which is compost, perlite, vermuculite, coco, batgano, kelp, silica increases in pH every time yes some water turns other green and nice. but if yes water with pH in 5.5 is the first runoff above 8.0 ph can increase more and to get down to 5.5 in pH must yes water in 10 liter pot soil mix with 50 liters water ph 5.5 to get runoff 5.5 in ph sick much work help me to solution to this?

Sorry a bit hard to read.
I think some miss types and run on sentences, not to be a grammar bully, help spread your thoughts and questions out a bit more.

You can add aluminum sulfate to lower your soil PH, it’s found it most garden centers.

Although run off it not an accurate reading of soil PH, google how to do a soil slurry test and that will give you a better idea.

Also is your oh pen accurate? Has it been calibrated?


Yee sorry for goggle translate hehe,and thanks for you that aluminium stuff.
I can see ph go down but iam looking for kalibrering fluid.

Most ph pens come with calibration mixes. The $20 vivosun set is good from amazon

Have a pen and Think thats not the problems the plant goes green after 5k gallon of flusch back to 5.5-6.0