Hi, new to the board

Your AC Infinity light will do the job nicely. Forget the little bulbs.
Here is the recommended setting for seedlings from their owners manual.

So 16" above the plant at 40% on the dimmer.

I was thinking when they stabilize and start growing again ( if they do) I would add some Half strength Fox Farm grow big for some nitrogen. In my tent I have four 15 gallon grow bags filled with Ocean Forest potting soil just waiting. That is if the seedlings get over the palm tree syndrome I laid on them. Thanks for your comments and Ideas. Eternal1


If you aren’t going to transplant them right away that’s ok if you start feeding them.

You’ll need to stop once you put them in soil.

Welcome aboard. Enjoy your stay.

For all the nice people on this board I thank you reply’s and welcomes. I may well need a lot help for the first couple of grows.I will try to send pictures and reports on the current White Widow grow. I am sure I will have more questions as I go.


You have found a home, too many knowledgeable growers here that are eager to help us new peeps learn while growing.

Welcome to growville. We are working on our first ever grow 80 days in.

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