Hi just retired on Guam anyone good at growing in the tropics?

Has anyone grown in the tropics I am doing ok using local mixed Tie Stick Seed? Three months of the year have 13in of rain and very little full sunshine. There is only an hour difference between the longest day and the shortest day? The best thing we have going is it never gets cold’ Any help would be welcomed. I am getting ready to order seeds any ones better for Guams climate .

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You are catching most of us at bed time. But be patient and here in 6 hrs when everyone starts getting up someone who’s more familiar with growing in tropical weather will chime in @FloridaSon @TxGrowman


I’m in the sub-tropics of SW Florida where the avg temperature here during the summer is 93 and mostly above 83 during the rest of the year except for January.
January can drop into the mid-30’s briefly night. That doesn’t last longer than a days on couple of weeks at the most…

This summer rain is 17” avg, daily showers all over the place. I started planting in April and now they are budding

finally, plants about 2’ Ft hgt. Strong aroma of plants; I get plenty of sun and have good soil and fertilizer

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would be a good idea to start a crop once the months of rain is over. would suggest raising the containers to avoid excess water starting root rot. you should have really good growing conditions. Good luck

What he said. Also you could start them around raining season in pots. Get them outside for sun. Move them for rain. May need and ‘emergency’ grow light for super cloudy stretches. Then once the rainy season is over dig some holes and drop her.

And look into good sativas. I believe White Widow grows well everywhere. And Bruce Banner i see outside ALOT.

My biggest concern tho. 1 hour difference?!?! Will she ever flower? Like 13/11-12/12 1 hour? If so she may not veg long. But with sun that intense she’ll definitely get her grow on. Im past intrugued now. U gotta keep up updated

The shortest day in September with 11 hours and 15 minutes with 13 inches of rain. September is the longest day 12 hours and 15 minutes with 3.5 inches of rain. The local seeds I am growing are 5 months old between 3 foot and 5 tall and some are almost ready to harvest in another few weeks. I have started some White Widow killed four put them outside when they were 4 inches tall and the rain beat them to death.I am going to keep the rest inside a little longer and move them inside for bad weather. Getting ready to order some more seeds would like some advice. Thank You

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I would just grow autoflowers. They are small and fast, but the important thing is they don’t care about photoperiod. You should be able to grow several crops per year, I assume you have your medical card, but I see it is still not allowed to grow at home in Guam. So no plant limit applies and you are probably gorilla-growing in the jungle. Lots of little autos would be good. Easier to hide than giant trees. Scatter them around to lots of places. Get some spinosad spray you can carry to them every two weeks to keep the bugs down. Watch out for snakes!

Or grow anything you like inside.

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Do not get that on your plants!

Sativa dominant will be your best bet. With heavy rainfall, mix heavily with course perlite. That will allow for better drainage.

I’ve watched as a grower in Hawaii just keeps pumping out plants outside, so you should be able to do the same. I hope his girls make it through the hurricane that’s fixing to hit him!

Pruning will be important with all your humidity. You want to make sure you have plenty of airflow to help avoid mold. Check out LST (Low Stress Training) to help open the limbs for air and light penetration.

I’m not here a lot, but if you tag me, @FloridaSon , I always check for those first when I come here.

Personally, I would put them directly in the ground…

Of course, I have sandy soil, so mine drain well. I’m not sure how your soil is for drainage.

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That girl is a work of beauty! Outdoor scrog’n? And looks crazy low. Awesome thought process though. Think im seeing that right.

About the sandy soil. We are super humid around here. Do you purchase a specific type of soil that has more sand… or just add a percentage like perlite? Lol. Sorry just brain picking while its on my noggin. No idea why i never think to tag u man. But :man_facepalming:t5: I dont mind pointing :joy:

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That’s my Sour Diesel. Screen is 8" from the ground. Next time I will place it a little higher because it’s hell getting under there! Lol

That one is in a mixture of compost I had mixed into the native soil. I have a Super Silver Haze from @Bogleg that is in plain native soil that I’ve top dressed with compost and worm casts…

If you have problems with drainage in your ground, you could buy some coarse sand from a garden supply or nursery. The perlite may work well in the ground too, but I only use it in my containers since my soil is so sandy. With all the rain I’ve gotten this year, I’ve started mixing the soil and perlite at 50/50. My soil for the pots is Ocean Forest. Next year the plan is to do a living soil grow.

Lol…probably because I’m not very active here! Out of sight, out of mind. I try to pop in once or twice a week. Doesn’t always work out.

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Forgot about the soil mix I dropped on there until I saw the picture here. That was what was left over from transplanting a Gardena. Not enough left to use, so I put it there. The Ocean Forest will add a little nutrients.

Lots of the organic produce you buy has been sprayed with spinosad. Same with tobacco. USDA says it is so harmless to humans you can use it up to a week before harvest, and still sell it as organic. It’s even safer than BT, unless you are an insect.

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My bad. I went back and re-read it. For some reason I was thinking Spectracide. Thank you for bringing it back to my attention.

It’s hard for me to focus when I’m out of smoke…

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