Hi Im new to this forum. any rules I can read here? and I will shared my 3rd times growing currently

Hey guys. Quick update on topping. She quite too small but I decide to chopchop now since it almost out of timeframe. I learn this way from ‘basementganja’ on youtube if anyone curious.

look at that fresh nodes ,feel bad for her :rofl: it part of learning. Let’s go!

@JimWantsToGrow Hey man, What you think about this, mentioned you since I ask for advice yesterday.


Nice job on the topping. I see plenty of stem left for support.

Nice journal

Good morning to you. Thank for the tag!



Quick update to mark my training date guys.

JP day 39 get big hairs cut. Hopefully it be last time.

GZ day 18 recovering well

Whole grow. Both get watering

Too soon on that top job Growmie IMO. I grow a lot of autos and don’t top until the 5th or 6th node has grown and will top back above #4 or 5 depending on the technique I’m going to use. Looks like you topped above the 1st or 2nd node?? This won’t have much upper growth for bud sites :love_you_gesture:

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It above 2nd nodes and my plan is mainlining and keep lollipopping. It experiment from what i learn from the guy and want to give it a try!

Yup too soon to my plant size. She need to be more healthy at the time i topped.

Here 4 day later

Goal is maintain further 8-12 canopy and keep training till flowering and let her shoot

Thanks growmie!

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A mainline or manifold is topped above the 3rd on the main removing all other nodes, then topping at the 3rd on the side branches removing the 2nd node and leaving only the 3rd and 1st side nodes my friend. :love_you_gesture:


Beautiful brother. I will try your method next run, i saw people do this too like Y arm

This time will only topped once and no more. my 1st node will be 2 colas and 2nd nodes will be give 2-4 sub shoots up too veg period. she start to look like will be ready to get first LST maybe tomorrow or a day later

I think my plant grow slower cause too much heats here, maybe your style will suite me more. give it a try for sure!

Thanks for tip Growmie :pray: :heart:

PS. Please dont mind that dog hair :grimacing: :rofl:

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Appreciate the compliments Grow Bro, with photo period plants you have time to train and veg the plant before inducing flowering with the light change. I’ve ran the manifold on autos as well, you just have to start the training as soon as the 4th node are visible and top back to the 3rd. There are 2 similar techniques, the mainline by Nug Bucket which has 3 separate toppings and the manifold made popular by Nebula Haze which only has 2 and easier IMO. Check out Nebula’s techniques and articles on growweedeasy dot com :love_you_gesture:

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End of the weeks

*Juicy Pussie auto day 42

Gorilla Zkittlez auto day 21

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Quick update.

I place one more pot in tent with OG Kush auto by FB and she sprout after aprox 36 hours

Note : JP 6 weeks old,GZ 3 weeks old, OG on her first week. 3 week dif