Hi im new to indoor growing i would like some suggestions and tips off some more expericed growers

Blackstrap molasses that’s practically the main ingredient in bud candy but never to early for lst start training ng your plant now the direction you want it while breaking atypical dominance ( never have one shoot higher then the other) ohh and biggest thing I wish I knew in a grow tent is GET TWO TRELLISES trust me or u will be tying up buds and have Branch’s leaning and falling without that second trellis I’m currently regretting that working with a nightmare of rope string and plant yoyos to keep the buds up I can in the final weeks of my flowering phase

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I like to tie down main stem let arm shoot out until equally high and repeat my pre 98 bubba looks like a hunnakah menorah. It’s like a y but each top of the y is a good 12 inch’s apart allowing arms to grow in the in-between space with direct sunlight and even canopy

Each circled cola is the top of the plant all the rest grew in at the end of veg. At 20+ colas on her(The side arms started to grow out to reach the light)


im in 60"x30"x20 tent, yeah ive only feed her twice i just do the old knuckle deep trick to see it its damp or dry

ok thatnks for the tips @Vosnok ill have a go soon to start LST-ing my plant, and the trellises idea is a good idea cheers mate :slight_smile:

these are my nutes im using

Plants looks good so far, I do agree with it could use a bit of training to fatten her up. Heres mine 4 weeks in, I tie mine different directions each day and untie when I go lights out.

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@SKORPION okay man cheers for the advice i’ll give that a go when my light shoots back on :slight_smile:
how big is your tent?

I got 2 2x4 one is 5 foot tall the other is 6.

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I would like to know what this is growing on my plant. I have 19 other plants doing ok starting to bud but this is growing what looks like a different flower.

Any ideas? Thanks

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@BuddyFlip. Welcome to the community! I’m still new as well. You’ve got some great growers on here that are more than willing to help. In my young, 1st grow brain… pretty sure that’s a male you got there. I’ll tag for help from others. @Zee @Covertgrower @Hellraiser.
Happy Growing!!

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That one is a boy and spewing pollen, probably seeded some of your females already if in the same tent with the girls.


Hell has you covered.

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It’s been growing with the other plants, they are just starting to bud. They got about 7 more weeks before harvest.

Will the male plant do anything to the other plants at this stage?

Thanks for getting back

Based off of what @Hellraiser said yes. More than likely some of your females have been pollinated. Remove asap. That’s the only strong advice I can give you. I’ve heard that you can spray down the environment… and the females. It will help save what hasn’t been pollinated yet. Good luck.
Happy Growing!!

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Yes, remove and dispose of the male and good idea to spray down everything to minimize any pollen blowing around.


Yes that is a male.

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Update on my plant guys 1 week since i turned her looking akot better👍

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What did you do to turn her? Much much better.

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