Hi im a little worried for my plant

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

Hi im a little worried for my plant basically it’s been 6-7 days since it has popped out from soil and I’m a little bit frighteded because I read online that by now they should have a certain set of leaves and I only have the ones that originally come with it (the oval and serrated) I’m using 14w led along with the sun have added no nutrients except the ones that are in the potting mix and right now the plant is currently 4 inch’s if you need any more info about this or anything please ask because I really want to know if im doing alright or if this is unusual growth please respond and thank you.

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Is it a auto or photo and I would say give it a little more time growing roots right now it will grow some and then stall a few time due to growing roots and I’m no light expert but I also say a little bigger light might help you out too and what kind of soil

As @newb1 said she’s focusing on her roots right now. No worries, she’ll start growing up in a few days
:sunglasses: Keep em green!


Yup im going thru the same thing. 1 8 days and smaller then you. Another 11 days and a tint bit bigger. Roots roots roots. Leave her outside (not direct sun if possible) and ull be happy later :wink::wink:

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A watched pot never boils, a watched pot seedling never grows
It looks nice and green, just wait it will be massive.

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It’s normal for the first week or teo to see Little to no upward growth thru ate working on a root system
Be patient you will see upward growth soon
Soil looks dry as well a little watering wont hurt

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When watering a seedling it’s usually more beneficial to waterp around ur stem. Make a circle for her roots to reach and ‘stretch’ into (thanks ILGM members)


She is in a big pot she will take a little longer to get going