Hi ILGM friends - question about switching my 12/12 schedule


Hey there - I have been running my flower schedule 7:30 am on to 7:30pm off. I have always liked the lights being off while I’m sleeping so I can mess with my plants during the day. Now that we are running into the summer months my tents are getting too warm with lights on during the day.

What is the best way to make the switch? Do I lengthen the lights off time little by little. I thought I read somewhere to just let them have an entire extra 12 of darkness. So when lights go off at 7:30 tonight do I just leave them that way til tomorrow night and then have them come on at 7:30?

Hope I am making sense. I want them to be on 7:30pm until 7:30am - I just want to know how I set that up since it’s the opposite of where they are at now.

Thanks a bunch, Jeb

Forgot tags: @garrigan65 @Myfriendis410 @Screwauger @MattyBear @dbrn32 @BIGE and anyone else who has the answer :blush:


Yes leave plants in dark until you reach your on time schedule… leaving lights on will cause problems… you should have been running that schedule from the beginning… electric cost less at night… :wink:



I agree with @peachfuzz. I would just leave them in the dark until the new time on and adjust the timer accordingly. Excellent :+1::v:
The fun begins my friend


You got it! They will just get some extra rest lol.


Everyone seems to have it covered @Momtomask. Better to be dark longer than increasing light anytime after 12/12 switch.


Looks like they got you covered :+1:t2: Thanks :wink:


I agree, everyone on point here. Just out of curiosity, how high are temps getting?


89-90 today and it’s not even full on summer - with the AC on the tents stay in the 70s


I’m not sure if you seen that video link in the diy thread? That’s why I was asking. 90ish definitely warmer than ideal though.


I am already second guessing my plan - we shall see. But at least I got solid answers about the process if I decide to go that route. Maybe I just have to accept that the AC is just going to be running all summer long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Great post learning alot from you guys
I am starting my first 100% indoor grow and learn tons from you guys


It’s a solid plan. I was just asking because if you were in low 80’s or so you would probably be solid there.


i run my AC on 78f and use the energy saver setting…compressor does not run all of the time
lights on,my room stays in the lo 80’s


You are definitely covered by all off our fellow growers and friends, for what it is worth @Momtomask I agree with all off the information that you have gotten. It’s great to be able to be around our lady’s all day but it would probably be worth going with what you have yourself and do a complete switch it’s not only saving your money but all definite help with your temps, you got this covered for sure but it’s always great to get so many people’s advice others like @Growit learning a little more also that’s just great my dear friend :v:️.


I run my ac at 72 and it hardly ever kicks off because the garage the tent is in, has pretty poor insulation. After this grow is done I’m gonna do my best to seal up any leaks and see if I can’t save some money or bring my flower temps lower. Either way I’m happy🤗


sounds like a plan @Thelaughingwolf
i was growing when i built the room in my shed…lol
i seen there would be issues,so i insulated well…
good luck with sealing her up,it cost but i’ve found that it is worth every penny…lol


Thanks! Just one of many tweaks I’ll be working on between grows.


take your time @Thelaughingwolf,custom grow room will make life easier…
i live in a hot, humid climate so i had to adjust it to that…if i can help just holler!


My girls survived their extra long sleep time :+1:t3: Not sure if this will help with the temps but it’s worth a shot. I will finish out this grow and see how it works. Thanks again to everyone for the replies!


onward and upward @Momtomask