Hi I want to start a mother plant how do I go about it

Hi people I want to start a mother plant and need to know how to sex it I am getting female seeds from dinafem or royal queen seeds what is the process please help

If they are fem seeds you should be all set unless you add a bunch of stress to them. Then keep them on 18/6 and you have a mother plant. Usually people who are going to keep a mother will plant a few of the same strain and then pick the strongest plant to be the mother. As the plant matures into sexual maturity it will show either pistols or pollen sacks. As I said since they are fems you should be set. Another option people will do is turn regular seeds into a mother as they are the most stable.


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Check out this thread:


There’s a sort of cultural aversion to using feminized seeds when hunting for mother plants, but if all you’re doing is cloning to flower, there’s really no drawback as far as I can see.

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When you get feminized seeds there is a very high probability that the resulting plant will indeed be a female. You can maintain a mother plant, or you can save some space by continuing to maintain clones of the strain you wish.

Just be sure your mother plant or your clones stay in the vegetative state by ensuing that they get 18 hours of light per day (if they are photoperiod plants.) I wouldn’t try it with autos, as they are going to flower on you regardless of your lighting cycle. It isn’t a good idea to take a flowering plant and return it to the vegetative state.

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Yes so just get fem seeds and grow them in my veg tent pick the strongest one and then I can take cuttings if it tea is that right thanks a lot
Guys use really help

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I’m going to be maintaining clones of my blue mystic and durban poison plants. I’m not going to keep mother plants, so to speak. I’ll just keep re-starting clones and then disposing of the larger (mother) plants as I go along.

It’s probably going to get crazy in my veg tent. I’ll want to keep clones of every strain I grow.

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Ye this what am going to do just mad how u have seed in my moby dick purple maybe I should just grew few and took clones of them then thrown them away think I would got the same problem what you think I also think I need a new tent it was giving to me few years back so I don’t know how old it is I don’t think they make them anymore haha