Hi I have white widow auto flowers I’m new to this and I wonder if they’re coming along


Sorry forgot to say I’m using Foxfarm Ocean Forest and perlite fertilizing with Foxfarm grow big The plants are 43 days old
I’m using 600 W LED
Also had some problems with Nats and used diatomaceous earth they seem to be under control

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Everything looks good
Ffof soil has lots of nutrients in it and many have found no need to feed till flower but you seem to be in track
Ph your water and your nutrients @6.5 :wink:

Hey, der, @yogibooboo! Your little pick in nick baskets look lovely! Welcome to the forum. You’re in good hands. Ask away, and ye shall be answered.

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They are looking fantastic!! I use FF products myself and have no complaints! Keep up the good work and you should have a harvest in 60 days or so :+1:t3:

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Hello thanks for the recent posts it’s been nine weeks since my white widow auto flowers have been growing but I’m concerned that they should be into flowering stage by now any feedback would be appreciated



Autos normally start to flower around 4-5 weeks
Sometimes they need a little help to jump start them put them under 12-12 lighting schedule that should kick them into gear
They look good anyway

I would top it and do some LST. It will help with your weight in the end. They look great!

So I found out these are white widow feminized seeds sorry for the wrong info they were a gift from my brother .
I just put them in the 1212 I need some info on how much should I defoliate if any or other suggestions that could help

So they are not Autos? If not then I would plan on scrogging.

No they are not auto flowers If I would have known I would’ve Low stress trained them On my next grow I will definitely scrog

You can still LST them. They would reward you for it. At least pull the top over to let the side branches mature better. It wouldn’t hurt to thin out the inside leaves that are not getting any light.

I thinned out the leaves It’s been 10 days into flowering but it seem like it’s stalled right After I did it… not sure but do you think I have a light leak?

If I did get light leaks can I still
Fix the problem in time for a decent harvest.
I was told you can bring the plant back into flowering no problem just asking

It’s common for them to stall a little after a little thinning. I’d just keep them on the 12/12 schedule. They will be fine.