Hi i am going to lurk

do not know nuthin about setting up a grow room hope to learn how by reading


internet is good but I always prefer the good old books, for starters. Jorge Cervantes Marijuana Grow Basics for example would be a good beginning.

You can get all the info here as well but you might find things to be contradictory/matter of personal oppinions…

Welcome & Good Luck :v:

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Not bad advice, certainly learn as much as possible through reading, watching grow videos and reading on ILGM forum. Once you get some idea about how you want to grow. Such as do you want to grow in soil, Coco, or Hydro. Are you going to need a grow tent or do you want to convert a room into grow area. You should consider a budget, how much can you spend on initial setup. Once you get a idea of budget the top of your list should be lights. First and foremost lights will be the biggest determining factor of how successful you can be. WARNING Don’t rush into buying lights. Many people buy lights on Amazon, myself included because they seem like really good lights at a great price. Most lights on Amazon are junk. Finally while reading and watching videos or any other resource is a good idea, you can get great advice on forum. There is a wealth of knowledge here,take advantage of it. Also Welcome to ILGM forum.


I also bought the amazon marketing before I found this forum. I learned boatloads reading a thread about DIY lighting. Search for it.

I’d like to add to @Cheesemaker s selection of reading material. There is a book called True Living Organics that is pretty good if that appeals to you.



One of the best books you can read is free, and available right here.
Below all the great grow guides on this page, at the bottom you will also see a link for the Grow Bible. Read it, then start looking at all the grow guides as well.


Welcome to the forum. My advise would be to do the above, Once you think you know how you want to do things. Post them before doing them. Chances are. The members here can not only save you a lot of money by buying the wrong items, But also un needed items. I learned the hard way when I started :roll_eyes: You can always find plenty of help in here.


The absolute best way to learn how to grow dope is to find someone that grows dope, good dope! If they are willing to share their first hand experience with you, thats by far the best way. Doing is undeniably superior to any other learning method. An experienced grower of quality pot, will have seen issues and dealt with them. They will know what works and what doesnt. They will be available to come over and help you get started, walk you through set up and point you towards suppliers in your area. In addition, should you be into it for some side cash, they may have a chain of demand!
Be very careful, obviously, of who you invite into your operation though, funny how seemingly good people get sticky fingers come flower time!


You can download load free Bergman grow bible for marijuana, it has good info. Welcome to forum