Hi guys I just wanted to ask during harvest how do you hide the smell


So I have read on the forums during the times of harvest is when the plant would smell the most. But I haven’t found exact instructions on how to keep stealth during harvest. I live with one other person in the house who I am keeping this from. Buying all the essentials like carbon filter and ona buckets… The grow tent will be in a locked room and will be exhausting air during harvest. My plan around this time will be to close all the windows the carbon scrubber would exhaust in the room and I would place the ona gel outside the room and one as well in the living room. Are there holes in my procedure? Would adding a cheap ozone generator outside my tent help as well. I want to be extra stealthy. Better safe than butt rape.


It’s going to be hard to hide it durring harvest and trimming. I would do everything inside the grow room and have the filter and fan on high. I would take every precaution you could think of and wait to see what others say. I’m in an illegal state, but my girl benifits from the hard work so it’s cool haha


me too, when will the close minded brainwashed people realize it’s a plant …


thinking of kicking out my tenant before i grow…


oh forgot to add the persons room is beside the future would be grow room. I own the place though.


I harvest outdoors so the smell dissipates and I dry in heavy paper bags which I hang in the top of my grow tent so the smell is contained @MarianoGomes


I don’t have the option of harvesting outdoors.


Hi @MarianoGomes, I have an awful odor problem when harvesting. I live on the first floor of an apartment building and I stink up the whole lobby when I harvest. I found that roasting a load of garlic in the oven helps a lot more than you would think. The garlic does a great job masking the odor of the weed. Hope that helps. :grin:


@raustin do you have inline fan, carbon filters and ona gel? if so what are the specs? What other means of stealth do you use maybe we can make up something here to add some procedures to harvesting to make it more stealthy.


Yeah, I do all the other stuff too. A carbon filter will only do so much. The problem is harvesting really stinks…a lot! You’re already doing everything you can to prevent smell, but harvesting is a whole other level of stink which is why I came up with the garlic trick. I don’t think you can be any more stealthy.


I think you should open the windows in the harvesting room, I do. It helps a little even with the filters running, there’s nothing like fresh air for stealth.


forgot to ask do you have another extra tent solely for drying? @raustin


Lol, I wish! No, I do everything in a tiny 2’x2’ tent in my master bedroom. It’s surprising what you can do with such a small space.


I have a 2x2 that is my designated drying tent. I also sometimes use it to finish a plant under my 150w hps if it can fit


@Dieselgrower if my room design is one 2 x 2 for drying and one general 4 x 4 or 5 x 5 inside a locked room and I have ona gel plus an ozone generator in said room plus ona outside the room at the hall at the full harvest time. When I trim and cut and do everything and transfer it to the 2 x 2 for drying. Would the smell still be noticable outside the door? Was thinking of using this special 6" stealth inline fan I found at amazon more expensive at $200 dollars. Plus a 4inch inline fan that is high quality like active air vortex or hurricane for the drying tent. High end phresh carbon filters for both. Will noise and smell still be noticable to a room right beside it?


hyperfan stealth


I don’t know. I don’t onow how bad it will smell. I haven’t ever really tried to hide mine as long as it in my house. I trim in my front room and it’ll stink up the whole house. I then move it to the 2x2 dry and cure. I have a 4" fan an filter combo and it all sits in the closet if my grow room.


@Dieselgrower I guess the only way to really keep it stealth is to live alone…


That or live with someone who enjoys it as well haha
All you can really do is try the best to cover or eliminate the smell the best you can.


@Dieselgrower I need to be patient then and give this time while I am saving money for all the equipment. I need to lay down the ground work to ask the person in a non conspicuous way to move out by Christmas… Sometimes I feel like going back in a time machine to that day when stupid nixon and reagan started the war on drugs which all countries followed suit. Now our generations needs to suffer for the last generations stupidity… Sorry ranting can’t believe it’s this hard to grow a plant that has more benefits to people. The only bad thing or abuse I can see from this plant is waking and baking with a couch lock strain and being a bum. But !@#$ in my country there are a lot of people with serious diseases crying out at the local forum for cannabis oil to treat their dying relatives cancer or some other terminal illness. The only thing people can say is grow your own. Most common then not these peoples family members are dying in a 4 to 6 month span and the local growers can’t do shit to help. I know some local growers who go to the hospitals looking for the terminally ill and just give away oil out of the goodness of their heart without a profit. And plus we all know once you sell it turbo charges your chances of spending the rest of your life in jail. !@#$ing government needed to keep law enforcement officers and agencies active after alocohol prohibition stopped and looked into weed because of racism and thinking ah we can demonize this shit noone will dispute us cus only mexicans and black people use it and we can keep our jobs this was 30 plus years ago.

And now a whole economy in different countries around the world is relying from profits in the anti drug agencies and prisons etc. And it’s so hard to change from that system of economics to a new system of economics for weed. damn bastards…