Hi from Saudi! First timer

Hey everybody, hope y’all are doin’ well n all that! Lemme intro myself: I’m Sam from Saudi Arabia. I live between Houston n Van but unfortunately I’m having to do a stint here in Saudi for a couple years…

Anyways, this is my first serious indoor grow. I’ve done some outdoor work back in Canada and had me a couple indoor plants as well but this is the first time I work on a decent amount indoors and have to go thru modifying a room for the purpose of growing. The cool thing about Saudi is that the weather conditions are so that you never have to worry about mold/rot, and the electricity is real cheap! They’re all about hash here though and its real good, but everyone appreciates the green. It is soooo damm rare here :wink:

I was wondering if my UV light there is enough or should I get another? Its a mere 40w, and seeing as its not in the most strategic place, I rotate my plants to make sure they all get some of that ultraviolet.

Also, if I were to get a couple more HPSs (400w), would it significantly increase my yields or bud quality? Btw, that circular light on the ceiling is a white/blue led. I know it don’t do much but it can’t hurt!

My next generation is gonna be all topped a couple times and Ima go for SCROG. This one was more of a natural approach…

Im surprised that a few of my feminized plants have developed seeds. I didnt think it was that common, is it? Should I grow em, or would they not make for a great product? Also, if a plant develops mature seeds, should I wait for it to finish flowering, or is that as good as it will get?

I realize the HPS lights might not make it easy for y’all to see the colors of the hairs, but I’ve included a few close ups of buds for plants that I think are ready but am not sure. Can someone please lemme know if I should harvest em yet?

I’d appreciate any comments and suggestions; I realize I’ve got a lot to learn and I welcome any help I can get from you wise canna-sages! And if there’s anything I can help anyone with, I’m right here!

Sam A.



Can you post a pic in natural light as that’s the only way were going to be able to tell

Uploading… Uploading…
There, shoulda taken the pix this way from the start eh? I suspect the last one still has a week or so to go, no?

Also, i notice that sonetimes the smell os really pungent in the room and othrrimes not so much. What could be the reason behind this? Im afraid thati might harvest and some plants wont have the desired smell we die for…



@Sam.88 I had the same thing this past summer, I kept waiting for the smell but none of my 6 girls smelled. They have gotten smellier since being cured, the potency and taste were exquisite. I am an outdoor grower.


Sam I hope all is well and Welcome to ILGM.
The party has just begun. OK first.

You grew those plants with only a 40 watt bulb…hard to believe…lol

And yes to your question using a 400 watt h.p.s that’s good for veg and an 600 or 800 watt h.p.s for flower would increase your yield big time.

And follow this link to " The Grow Bible " It Is free and wrote By Robert Bergman
I added a few more link for you to take a look at. But it’s the Grow Bible you really need to look at and download

If and when you have more questions and you will…lmao just tag me like this… @garrigan65




Nooo Garrigan i was referring to the 40w UV blacklite i got in the back (apparently UV rays trigger a resin secreting defensive response…do u think that plant is ready tho?

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Cool! I look forward to trying my harvest. Speaking of which, do u think the plant i took close ups of is ready for harvest? Also, do you fi d that your females pollinate themselves often? It seems to happen to me a lot…

@Sirsmokes so whaddayall think, are the plantsin the close up pics ready or not? @garrigan62 @highcountrygal

@Sam.88 , feminized seeds may turn hermaphrodite (both male and female) if they are stressed too much. There are more experienced growers that can provide more detail but many things can stress the plants. Too little water, too many nutes, aggressive trimming, etc, etc.

Can’t say what is causing this in your case.
As @garrigan62 suggests, download and read Robert Berman’s Grow Bible


Be sure to take a look at some of the other great grow guides.

Id say not
but to close up pictures arent clear they are a bit blurry
I was stationed in Suadi Arabia during Desert Storm cant say i miss it lol
Enjoy you time in the Gulf @Sam.88

@Sam.88 Good morning! That first hit you take from your own grow will be the best ever! Yeah I would say very close to ready. Do you have a magnifying glass? That way you can really see what’s going on. Get one with at least 10X. Some people will harvest with 1/3 to 1/2 red trichomes. Some say 50% and that’s where I get panicky. If this is your first harvest I would harvest at 50% that way you haven’t waited too long. It is a fine line and very ‘scarey’ I relied on the photos from ILGM. they are awesome pics and very helpful. My gals only had a few seeds each, sporatic at best. Now if there are no males around and you get a few seeds, I consider that self pollination. More than just a few (I’m talking 4-5 seeds) I would then tend to believe it ‘hermied’, new word for the day). Good for you on your grow she is beautiful! :woman_farmer:t4:

Hey Sam,
I was wondering if its possible to ship via amazon a TopoGrow LED Grow Light Tent Kit…Amazon adks for a ID iqama or passport… for customs clearance.
Dodgey? Or okay. Been in Saudi 3 years and yeah the hash is great but missing the greens!

Yea nice job man,I love to see you doing it right!Yea wait and make sure all cloudy trichomes and couple amber-ish,oh no water at least 3 days before harvest and try 24-48 hours dark then harvest,I just tried it both ways and danker after dark period and also you can shorten days 1 to 2 hours last few days to boost trichome maturity.How many watts of lights?

Hey send me an SMS with your number to #$%#&#&%. Delete this as soon as you see it.


Hey Sam,
was wondering how did you find seeds to grow in Saudi? I moved in Saudi the past year and was hoping to start a project like this?



Is this your phone number?


yeah man shhh here!

So tell me how do u get the seeds?

Bro… do you understand what the penalty for this is in “the kingdom?”. Its reeeeeeeeal fuckun steep.

Hey Sam,
How did you get the seeds into Saudi? Any advice please ??