Hi everyone, I'm new here - just soaking up the info, I appreciate the wisdom!

Me for sure, although I tend to always smell them after touching something good :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
Flat canopies are great but they are not the end all be all to growing. I’ve seen some untrained plants throw some Donkey D*cks.

I’m glad you have your sights set so low, when it comes to what you’ll get weight wise. That way one person on this site will be over the top happy at the end. The disappointment shows up when you set your expectations over the top high. One pound one plant expectations get people mad :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
You know you… So good to know it’s a normal spring cold. Wash your hands more this spring people are dirty :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I laughed too hard at that - gave me a coughing fit! :rofl:


Are some of those small leaves coming out of the AK47 bud/cola site sugar leaves? They don’t look like fan leaves.

Yes definitely sugar leaves. You have a better view than me but they should look snow sprinkled. I bet you’re getting sticky too :grin::grin::grin:

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Im a plumber, I dont smell my fingers,


@CurrDogg420 @VirginiaGrowBoy @Pet_de_Chien @BigItch @plumbdand @OGIncognito @Elecchickenmirodin @Caligurl

Short update - I was finally able to get back to work yesterday (I know everyone was waiting to hear, lol).

I gave the girls a good trim this evening (mainly old fan leaves and wanna be buds), then serviced all three with some water and calmag (no nutrients).

@BigItch - I didn’t know what you meant by them getting “sticky.” I found out this evening! After handling the buds/colas while grooming them, I suddenly realized my hands felt like I had dipped them in maple syrup. :grin:

That was a new experience for me!

I quickly grabbed a shot of them after putting them back into the tent (I’m learning how the runoff water should look when it has nutrients…it looks like weak tea - you can see it with the WW tray):

Thanks everyone for your continued support!


Congrats on stickyness :smiley: :+1:

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Sticky is good. I’ve rubbed mine a little more than I really should have and I learned it can have at least a small negative impact on the trichomes.

Congratulations on successfully moving them onto the next stage!



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Thanks, I actually thought the same after the fact. As I was washing my hands (thinking I was doing things right…I realized maybe sticky hands aren’t a good thing).

Lesson learned.

I used to move around the cola/buds like I was trimming a tomato plant - I didn’t really connect the dots.

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There was a difference of opinion here from no effect to minimal to some effect.

I can’t keep my hands off her still. :joy:

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Okay friend! Back to work! I was holding my breath on that news :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy:
Sticky is my best friend… :grin: pointer…get a couple bottles of alcohol eventually washing your hands don’t work. I try not to touch my buds but impossible when grooming. My arms tend to get the stickiest. I shaved them one time because all that goo was in my hair. Side note: I used nair on them for 2yrs and the hair stopped growing. I have the sexiest arms ever :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
I’m loving your enthusiasm for this grow.
If I’m seeing correctly your pots are sitting in your run off. Can’t tell if you have pot risers underneath. If you don’t you should probably get some. Your roots can’t air prune if they are directly on your collection tray.
Buds looking BOSSY! I’m getting excited for you to see them when the look like they have been snowed on. My wife doesn’t partake but she makes a point to see them everyday when they are frosty. She thinks some strains are the prettiest flower she’s ever seen. Probably why the girl arms don’t make her mad :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Excellent pointers BigItch, thanks!

I was wondering about needing to elevate them off of the drain pan, thanks for the call out. I grabbed some risers at the local hardware store just now.

I’m really looking forward to the colas as well. I’m excited to see if they develop any cool colors.

I bet your arms look sexy as hell!! :rofl:

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Looking good!

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My Hideaway

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Definitely a hide away… Looks like midgets run the place :rofl::joy::ok_hand::joy::palm_tree::green_heart:
Nice grow brother


So I have a question I have been using bergman’s fertilizers on my first grow and I just ran out of grow time fertilizer I believe bergman’s is expensive but I’m not sure because I’m new should I do I just buy the whole Jack set and switch over to using that or how would I taper off using my nutrients and switch if someone could pleasee help thank you

@Texasp3t3 just buy jacks and switch, no need to do more. Just make sure you’re checking your PPM so you don’t over feed.
What you’re using is expensive IMO