Hi drooping leaf

why this is happening

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Looks thirsty.

Just water ?
Nıtrogen oxıt ?

how should i treat :four_leaf_clover:

Yep. Water.

Pics under mpre natural light would help, but just plain water, ph to 6.5. If your in soil.

Back off the nitrogen a little.

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I would listen to @Covertgrower. It’s not a lack of water, because the leaves are curling, not drooping.
Are you feeding with bottled nutrients? Do you have ph & tds feeding & runoff numbers?

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And pics in natural light would help. A nitrogen toxicity will cause the leaves to appear a darker green than normal.

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If ı didnt give tham nıtrogen

And l will give them just big bud nutriens it will be ok or not? Thank you

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Not discounting nitrogen issue, water has no nitrogen in it. I asked about pics because id like to see natural leaf color before adressing nitrogen issue.