Hi all if such led lamps will be good? please help


@Galaktus It will work for a short amount of time but will definitely need more light to get a good yield


I have 4 such lamps

I have a tent 90 cm by 180 cm or 4 lamps enough I would like to put in it 8 plants auto what you think

I think I hate the metric system :rofl: no idea how big that is.


1,63 =5 feet

They might be enough for one small plant

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1 lamp has 4000 lumens

1 plant oh no😭

I was running three 300w leds in a 18"x 36" tent over one plant. Those leds are probably more blue which is good for vegging but not so good to flower with


I use 575 true LED watts in that size tent. My lumens are 36k. This is good for a one plant SCRoG … kinda “meh” for two plants…

Your lights will work good till about node 3-4 then you will need a more intense spectrum

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thank you all for your help