Hi again Growers!

You help me out last time so:

I mix new nutriens solution in my tank after they say on the bottle but ppm is 167 what I remember was higher last time.
But it was 2l left in the tank and first put cal/mag and mix so the rest can it be a look out?

More information is needed. Are you in veg or flower?


Its not about the plant its the tank whid the mix inside.
Its the ppm I asking ourond.

Correct, however we cannot give you the proper PPM if we don’t know what stage of life the Plant is in?
Your nutrient line, and growing medium all make a difference.

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Its in the tank and that is not for the moment conect whid the plant I want dry out it have som spot on leaves.

So forget the grow for a moment and read and understand my ask please.

Sounds like you mixed some nutes in a stand alone bucket and now you think the ppm is low based on the past.

What are you using to measure ppm?

Has it been calibrated?

My veg nutes run around 600 ppm while flower mixture is closer to 1100.

Electric ppm meter and it works.
Yee it was 2l left solution i meen water whid nutrients and next i put cal/mag alone i mix it then i put rest of nutrients but the ppm was 167 so most be the problem does 2l left.