HGL Panels What do you think


I was watching a Migro lighting comparison tell me what you think of these can you link these types of lights to the same balist?
Also would this one light be plenty for a closet grow? I only really need to grow one plant at a time for my meds.




The quantum boards are pretty much latest and greatest in led horticulture tech. We like them a lot for performance vs cost, and simplicity of assembly. If you scroll around, you can definitely find some members using them here, with outstanding results!

That particular model will grow a single plant. Really depends on how big of plant you’re looking to grow and any particular growing methods you plan to use? I like the 3000k color temp a little better for seed to harvest growing, but the 4000k will certainly work.

If you can swing it, I would probably look into the single board 135 kit using a qb 288 in 3000k or 3500k. That will give you a lot more versatile light and larger footprint. They’re around $200. If that’s too much, give that light you linked a go. Speaking of, I don’t think they’re an approved vendor. Would you mind editing your post and deleting the link? Most of us are plenty familiar with them that we don’t need the link to know what you’re talking about anyway.


I didnt know that is what they were called LOL Now i know to refer to them as quantum boards. Thanks @dbrn32


No problem. If you go to horticulture lighting groups web page, hit menu tab, then select quantum board project. They do a pretty good job of giving a run down on each of their products.


@dbrn32 in your opinion, are quantum board kits like this as “good” for all around veg/flower as a diy cob kit?


Sorry I missed this tag earlier?

I would say they’re about equal. Application usually puts one ahead of the other.

The qb’s a little more efficient and super easy to put together. But it’s not as easy or cost efficient to spread light intensity per cost. Cobs require more distance to canopy, so you need a little more room. But you also get a lot more choices in light spectrum.

Basically one could make an argument either way. Size of your space, method of growing, and how comfortable you are with building would probably lean you one way or the other.


im looking into (2) hlg-65 3000k boards but they are hard to find


update, just got off the phone with hlg, hlg-65 3000k will be back on amazon sometime next week, woot woot :+1:


another update, there is another site that has them in stock, just ordered 2 boards, i dont know if i can post the wed site but if i can let me know and i will post it. dd :+1:


You can post which site it is, but probably not an affiliate so don’t link it.


Ok cool, it’s growerslights, think they have 15 boards available if anyone is interested. These things hard hard to find.

Happy growing